In chapter nine the children mistakenly kill Simon. Simon is dehydrated and alone hiding under creepers. The only thing he can see is the dead pigs head left as an offering for the beast that lives on the mountain by Jack and the other hunters. Flies cover the pigs head and feast on the blood. The title of the book is mentioned for the first time. The Lord of the Flies is what Simon calls the monstrous pig-head covered in flies. Simon speaks to the Lord of the Flies in his dehydrated stupor. Savagery seems to be winning in the book. There are many examples including Piggy and Ralph going over to Jacks side of the mountain to eat meat and then later when the children kill Simon by accident thinking he is a monster. Jack is on the throne surrounded by piles of dead pig like a gross God covered in blood worn like war paint. Savagery at this point rules the day. Jack is winning in every way. Ralph says “I'll blow the conch and call an assembly.” And Jack answers “we shan't hear it.” This is an example of savagery winning, Jack represents savagery and Ralph represents reason.


As the children are running around in circles yelling “kill the beast!, cut his throat!, spill his blood!” over and over again they circle around Simon who's come out of the forest. Under the dark sky filled with thunder they circle around Simon and beat him up. They continue in their frenzy and literally rip and cut him to death with gross savagery. By the end of the chapter it seems that no one wants to even talk about the fact that they killed human being. This act is as savage as it gets. As Simon's dead body goes out to sea the next morning one has to wonder if the reality will ever set in that they have murdered somebody or if they have simply turned into animals with no regard for the death at all.