Simon traveled to the mountaintop as a symbolic journey to learn the truth about the beast. In Lord of the flies, Simon was a religious figure that wanted to spread truth and enlightenment to the other children. In the Bible it was Jesus, alone, who understood the knowledge of God's will. Simon was alone in his understanding of what the beast really was. Simon was unique because he could actually hear the voice of the beast of the island. Simon realized the beast was not something that could be killed. Simon realized that the beast lived inside the other boys. Simon was the first to understand that the beast the children were so afraid of was really just a dead parachutist. Simon wants to explain the death of the parachutist to the other children so they can stop worrying about it and being so afraid.


In The Lord of the Flies it was Simon, alone, who possessed the truth about the beast. The other children misunderstand Simon just like Christ was misunderstood in the Bible. The other boys believed Simon was crazy, but he was the only one to discover the truth about the beast. Simon was the Savior of the other boys but they did not know it. Simon was murdered, like Jesus Christ, while trying to deliver the spiritual truths about the beast. After the boys killed him, Simon was washed out to sea with glowing fish around his head, signifying a halo. The truth of Simon's message may not have occurred to the children until after they murdered him and by then he would be martyred like a prophet and a saint that he represented.