Mudcrips are hardly ever spoken of in the Harry Potter universe. Mudcrips have been around since the beginning of time. You may even know one. Mudcrips are criminals and thieves. Mudcrips thin the herds of potential wizards and steal spells from their victim's. Mudcrips have no real magic of their own, they are not in fact wizards at all. They never received their invitation to Hogwarts as a child. Mudcrips are usually just Muggle humans like you me. All the magic they possess they stole from victim's. They are no better than Muggle magicians pretending to be magic. The name Mudcrips comes from the words Mudbloods and Crips. It is an ulgy word to describe an ulgy lifestyle.

Mudcrips use butterbeer to identify wizards by locating their bars and restaurants. They do this by identifying and tracking large purchases of butter, butterscotch, whipped cream, and cream soda. This unusual assortment of tasty dessert items are rarely purchased together in bulk in the Muggle world. But wizards just can't get enough of the stuff! By tracking purchases from bulk suppliers smart Mudcrips can find out where delivery is going to be made and trap themselves a wizard. Mudcrips usually strike in outlying areas far away from Hogwarts and the powerful wizards that live there.


The recipe for butterbeer is very simple. You add butterscotch, butter,cream soda and whipped cream. Although I do not recommend buying these ingredients in bulk or you may find yourself face-to-face with the Mudcrips. And they will torture you until you give up all of your spells, even if you don't have any! I suggest making some up just to get away.

Today we have brought for you butterbeer cookies. They are made with cream soda, butter, butterscotch and heavy whipping cream. We purchased the ingredients from several retailers over several days so as not to attract unwanted attention from any Mudcrips.