• Victor dancing with Lakota woman in Montana bar
  • said he started World War I and he shot Lincoln
  • called the truck a grasshopper the driver was a flathead driver with insane braids
  • the only color that mattered was white he remembered her being white
  • he had insomnia is good a read a book, make breakfast, watch the sunrise, vacuum
  • he got up eight coffee read newspaper circle the want ad
  • remembering her breaking up with him she said people change and he remembered her being very white
  • he liked to watch her sleep
  • she went to a party and someone had cocaine and she thought she would like it
  • he was good to go running today but sat down watch TV instead
  • he puts vodka in his coffee
  • Victor was fancy dancing when he was eight in the same out that his father wore
  • he ate fried bread and drank Pepsi his mom and dad got drunk
  • he remembers his girlfriend breaking up with them he was drunk again
  • Victor works sometimes on a garbage truck, cooking hamburgers at a tribal Café
  • he would spend his money on beer at the trading post
  • he biked Coors light and sometimes toss full once out the window after he smelled them in the class would break
  • he said he was going to run and be somebody's hero tomorrow
  • got together his change and bought a bottle of Annie Green Springs wine at the trading post
  • let a stranger shared his wine
  • the stranger called him cousin he was a Cherokee Indian
  • real Indians get blisters on their fake Indians get blisters on their ass


the trial of Thomas builds the fire

  • Thomas builds the fire was a man in tribal jail in Spokane
  • he was being held by BIA officials
  • has a storytelling fetish and the need to tell the truth and together that makes him dangerous
  • he was held because he held the reservation postmaster hostage for eight hours with the idea of a gun and threatened to make significant changes in the tribal vision
  • he surrendered voluntarily and agreed to may remain silent
  • Thomas hadn't spoken in 20 years
  • he would not even send letters or Christmas cards
  • Thomas's wife Esther (the day before he was arrested
  • Thomas called her a Savage in polyester pants
  • they were waiting for a traveling judge to come in but couldn't decide what charges to bring them up oninciting a riot? Kidnapping? Extortion? Murder? They knew it had to be a felony because they didn't want him around there anymore
  • he knew he would be found guilty he just didn't know how we would be punished
  • the original court transcript is next:
  • he told the story that started on September 8, 1858 and he was a young Tony went Col. George Wright took him and 799 ponies there was going to be a slaughter
  • then he read a letter from G Wright Col. ninth infantry commanding that said he was going to capture 800 courses because the horses compose the entire wealth of Spokane Chiefs Til-co-ax and his penthouse bowl for two years sending his young men into Walla Walla Valley and stealing horses and cattle from settlers and from the government so he is decided it's unrealistic to move them so is going to kill them off it'll take over 24 hours to kill them all
  • and then he Thomas went on with his story and said he was lucky enough not to be killed
  • the Indians in the court room started to cry
  • and he let one of the men saddle and ride him to the roast up and up tomorrow and broke his arm and then he got bloody from Spurs and rifle butts and they gave up and put him on a train
  • the pony wouldn't admit defeat and he escaped Col. Bright
  • and then he told another story to the judge
  • his name was Qualchan of fighter hiding near the Spokane River mouth where another man named Moses found him after he escaped Connell writes camp he told them that right wanted to hang him but right had taken his father hostage so he had to go and he promised to treat them fairly but he was put in chains and he saw hangman's noose
  • his wife was there and she thought and wounded before she was subdued and he was hung with six other Indians including Epseal who hadn't heard anybody.
  • The judge asked what playing trying to make with this story
  • Thomas said the city is Spokane is building a golf course named after the man in the story Qualchan located in the Valley where he was hung
  • people on the court room gotten both by eight and a woman named Eve hid a bailiff and tribal policeman tackled her and let her away
  • he was cross examined they asked where he was May 16, 1858 and he said he was in Rosalie Washington with 799 other warriors ready to battle with kernels step toe and his soldiers
  • he told a story where he is wild coyote 16 years old and frightened because it was his first battle Steptoe said he wanted peace between Indians and whites but he had cannons and he has lied before so they attacked the Don and killed many other soldiers
  • the defense attorney asked how many soldiers did you kill that day and he said he killed one soldier right with an arrow to the chest and he shot another soldier that fell off his horse and he ran over to take his scout but he pulled his revolver and shot me in the shoulder I still have the scar
  • so the defense attorney asked you kill two soldiers in cold blood with premeditation and he said yes I killed them
  • article from the spokesman review October 7 19-
  • builds the fire to smolder in prison Thomas pulled the fire of visionary of the Spokane tribe was sentenced to two concurrent life terms in Walla Walla State penitentiary US District Judge James Wright got a license for racially motivated murder with no possibility of parole
  • on the bus Thomas builds the fire and for African men, one Chicago, one white man from the smallest town in the state and he told them all stories


  • a quote from Wovoka the Paiute Dance Messiah all Indians must dance great spirit will come, the gain will come back, all dated Dean spoke him back, old-line Indians will see whites can't hurt Indians that. And a big flood will kill all the white people the Indians who don't dance to grow to be a foot-high and turned into wood and burnt the fire
  • Custer cut down all the trees most of the white men died in most of the Indians live.
  • Last night they burn another house the tribal Council ruled anything to do with whites had to be destroyed
  • the carryout furniture from the house's naked
  • he found her transistor radio in the closet yellow waterproof radio
  • Treble Dancer a woman he loves urbans RCD Indians who survived and made their way to the reservation after it all fell apart
  • there were 100 urbans when they first arrive but most of died and now there's only 12 urbans left and they're all sick
  • treble dancer isn't sick but she has burns and scars all over her legs
  • skins are Indians who lived on the reservation when it happened and they can never marry or bins
  • the tribal Council made that rule because of the sickness in the urbans
  • an original urban was pregnant when she arrived and gave birth to a monster
  • he writes his scores to Noah TP he's the only skin that traveled since it happened
  • he said there was no sound no cars or planes in the city was empty

he dreamed about television and woke up crying the weather was changing its very cold

they burned bodies on the football field on the 50 yard line one week in the end zone next week rumors are that the relatives of the dead will be killed and burned to

tribal decided that there was a disease in their blood

the diseases of wristwatch fallen between the ribs and stopping

he's happy he's an orphan

there is a tree that he and treble dancer go to enter skin flicks off and he eats it she's jealous that he has arms and fingers that still work

they burn another house and he saw a picture of Jesus Christ lying on the floor he's white Jesus is white

he wants to know why Jesus isn't a flame

he can hear or since exploding and screams of children who are taken

sometimes they come back the others and they drowned Noah Chirapkin by pouring water down his throat till he drowned

The Tallest Other a giant took trouble dancer away and brought her back with a big belly and she gave birth to a salmon

when she died her hands bled seawater from her palms

at the tribal councils somebody gave a watch he found to the tribal chairman a white man's artifact and the sin

he listened to his transistor radio and put the volume all the way up but all he could hear was his breath