Where did your life go so wrong

that you were forced to teach for less than a song?

I think about your situation every day

and how you managed to keep Prozac at bay.

I would last 10 seconds in your position

I wouldn't have to wait for attrition.

Yet somehow you manage to teach these rotten kids

So many scoundrels and filthy pigs.

Some of my favorite teachers at Bainbridge include

I would tell you about the bad ones but I don't want to get sued.

Mr. Barfield taught me so many Facts,

If I didn't mention him I would be lax

He understood I didn't like to speak up in class

So he would let me turn in all my paper's in mass.

He was so kind to me I hope he really knows

I can't possibly thank him enough with this prose.

Other great teachers also include you

Although some of my classmates make me one to spew

I can only assume in your previous life

you did something bad to earn that kind of strife.

All kidding aside I hope you understand

These idiots in your class should be banned.

Why on earth would these kids take an AP class

If their only intention was to be crass?

Your kindness will be noted in my Nobel Prize speech

You will no doubt proof read my copy because you love to teach.