The election of Barack Obama proves that the America has lived up to the five ideals in the Declaration of Independence. I believe equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, and democracy are an everyday part of life in America.

We fight for our rights in the United States. The early colonist fought the British because they raised taxes and took away colonists rights. They fought a war against England to protect their rights. In 1948 American’s again fought for what they believed in. The Soviet Union tried to keep supplies from Berlin but America dropped supplies to them by air for a whole year. Today we are in a war again to protect our freedom after 9/11.

Even when times are tough American’s look for opportunities to work and support themselves. During the Great Depression many people were out of work in America but they worked hard and we got through it by being tough. During the 1950’s suburbs grew very large around cities. People were willing to work very hard to reach the goal of owning a house. Many people believed if you used every opportunity you could live the American dream in your own home.


We love liberty, democracy and equality in the United States. Liberty is freedom to live like you want to. We have many freedoms in this country other countries do not have. One of the reasons we have them is because the military protects us from being attacked. America went to war because of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Americans voted in an African-American president proving we are a democratic and equality loving nation.

The United States laid out the five ideals of equality, rights, liberty, democracy and opportunity in the Declaration of Independence. America has lived up to these ideals. The men who wrote it should be proud of the nation they built. We fight for our rights when we do not agree with other countries. After 9/11 we fought to protect our liberties. We create opportunities everyday for our people. The election of a black president proves we believe in equality and democracy for all people.