Am I really a God?
I think I am the strongest of all mortals
and stronger than many gods, so I must be a God myself.

I feel invincible being the last mortal son of Zeus yet
I do not feel worthy of being a God because I am a half mortal this seems so unfair.
I am so strong I was the deciding factor in allowing the Olympian gods to win their battle over the Giants.

Why do I feel like a muscle bound buffoon instead?
Why am I seen as primitive and brutal when all I want to do is help my family?
I think Zeus feels like I created most of my own problems.


I am not satisfied with their opinion of me.
The gods wouldn't even be there without me.
My chosen weapon is a massive club not because I am violent but because it is effective.

I would do anything to help my friends.
I am very hard on myself and I have a deep sense of justice.
Even when my father Zeus punishes me I showed great patience and endurance that are his heroic as my great strength.

I wear a lion skin with the head still attached not to show off but to prove I am worthy of people's respect.
I will become the only man ever born to a mortal woman to die a God.
And I deserve it.