Scout Finch lives with her brother Jem and widowed father, Atticus. They live in a town called Maycomb in Alabama, a town that has suffered throughout the great depression. They are however better off than most as Atticus is a successful lawyer, one summer Scout and Jem meet a boy named Dill. Their newly found friend quickly becomes obsessed with a place called the Radley house. The residence is owned by Mr. Nathan Radley, whose brother, Arthur (nicknamed Boo) has lived in for years yet rarely went outside. The next summer they run into a small incident with Boo and soon realize why people avoided him. School for Scout and Jem becomes dreadful, as their father agrees to defend a black man, Tom Robinson who was accused of the rape of a white girl. The reason they got so much hatred for this was that the county they lived in was mostly white racist folk, who now hated them.


The trial begins and soon Scout realizes the circumstances and what is going down, she realizes that no matter what she must have her father's back. You will have to read the book to find out what goes down in the end of this excellent novel. I would highly recommend this book, there are a myriad of reasons why. To begin with it has spot on pacing. It never felt dragging or like you were being bombarded with too much setting, plot, or characters. The word choice and the way it was communicated was top notch, there were countless words that I learned throughout the book. Finally, the story, the entire idea of this trial in this town with these people is a very interesting topic, and perfectly executed.