1. The plot of lady Windermere's Fan was a little confusing at first, because the words that they use to express themselves seems old fashioned. The plot was all about misunderstandings. Lady Windermere received a fan as a gift from her husband. Lady Windermere had a male friend over named Lord Darlington. Another woman came to her home before a big party and told Lady Windermere that her husband was cheating on her with a woman named Ms. Erlynne. Lady Windermere found out that her husband had been making payments to this woman so she thought he was cheating. Later on that night she had a big party for her birthday and was mad because her husband invited the other woman. The next day, she decided to leave her husband and run off with Lord Darlington. When she was at Lord Darlington's house Ms. Erlynne came over and tried to talk her out of leaving her husband and her young son and ruining her reputation. Her husband and another man came over to Lord Darlington's house and the two women hid. The men discovered the fan that Lord Windermere had given his wife and Ms. Erlynne popped out and pretended it was really hers, so her reputation was ruined. At the end of the play you learn that Ms. Erlynne was really Lady Windermere's mother and Lady Windermere's husband had been paying her for some reason. I think he paid her because it was bad in society to have a child with a man who wasn't your husband and Lady Windermere was born because her mother left her first husband to have an affair and had a baby because of it. So she abandoned her.


  3. The best part about the play was the costumes. I have been to two plays at the high school and one play in town and the costumes in this play were the best I have ever seen. I think they might have been better then the costumes in the play I saw last year called Elf. That play was at The Fifth Avenue Theatre in Seattle, and was done by professionals.
  4. The only thing I didn't like about the play was that it was a little confusing because of the words that they used. Some of the play seemed to be in modern words, but when I would start to understand the plot, they would use a strange word that I didn't recognize, and it was like they're talking another language. I wish the play was in simpler words. The only other bad thing I can say about the play is some of the girls in the play had really low voices, and it was hard to hear them.
  5. Oscar Wilde chose high society in England as the setting for the play. I think the point he was trying to prove is that even in high society people do stupid things. And it's not just for people that cheat on their wives and leave their husbands. If it had been a poor made that got her self in the situation. It wouldn't have been as dramatic a big deal as a high society lady doing it. So I think the point he was trying to make is that rich people are as petty and stupid as poor people.