1) Who is Prufrock? An older man thinking about asking a girl out on a date. Line 40 where he says “with a bald spot in the middle of my hair” lets you know he has a middle-aged man.

2) What does he desire? He wants to ask a girl out and find love and romance. In line 96 where he says ”if one settling a pillow by her head” he wants to find the right woman.

3) What does he fear? He is afraid that the girl will not find him attractive because he is old and going bald. He is afraid she will turn him down. Line 119 he says ”almost at times the fool”


4) What do we know about his setting? It sounds like a party where they're serving tea and he is in a corner looking out at other people having fun or maybe he is still at home thinking about it happening or hiding in a corner where no one can see him. I'm not sure why I get this impression maybe it's because there's a picture of ladies drinking tea and they mention Tea over and over again I can't find a particular line that makes me think this is just a feeling I get

5) What do we know about his society? It sounds like a very dirty city because of lines 15 through 22 were they talk about soot that falls from chimneys and being October.

6) If this poem were a story, which lines would be the climax and which lines would be the resolution? Explain. I believe the climax of this home is line 45 where he says “Do I Dare” And the resolution of the poem is line 125 “I do not think they will sing to me” because I believe this is the line where he decides to do nothing because he's too scared.