Longbourn Elizabeth's house

Lucas Lodge Charlotte's house

Pemberly Darcy's house

Hunsford Charlotte and Mr. Collins house

Rosings Lady Catherine's house


Hertfordshire the town Elizabeth lives in

Derbyshire the town Darcy is from

Kent where Charlotte and Mr. Collins live

Meryton where the soldiers are staying where Katie and Lidia go to see them walking distance

Brighton where the soldiers move to where Lydia runs off with Wickham


Bennett's five daughters Elizabeth, Jane, Catherine (kitty), Mary, Lydia

Sir William Lucas has a knighthood daughters Charlotte and Maria

Mr. and Mrs. Gardnier are related to Mrs. Bennett (Mr. Gardnier is her brother)

Fitzwilliam Darcy- his sister is Georgina Darcy- his aunt is Lady Catherine de Bourgh her daughter is Anne

Col. Fitzwilliam is the cousin of Fitzwilliam Darcy

Charles Bingley two sisters Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst

Pride and prejudice notes

page 90 of Elizabeth’s mom likes her the least I've girlsCaroline Bingley warns Elizabeth about Wickham

Chapter 24 Jane gets a letter from Caroline says Bingley and Miss. Darcy are intimate

Jane doesn't believe Bingley's sisters or Darcy can influence Mr. BingleyWickham comes by a lot to Elizabeth's house

Entailed is when you lose your house or your belongings because you do not have a male child

Elizabeth.Bingley love Jane because he ignored everybody else page 122 general incivility the very essence of love

Gardniers are Mrs. Bennett's brother and sister invite Jane to London. Elizabeth said Darcy would never go to that part of town because it was beneath him

Mrs. Gardnier is from the area where Darcy is from said Wickham wasn't built tempered boy thinks Wickham doesn't have enough money for Elizabeth

Charlotte gets married to Mr. Collins and asks Elizabeth to visit

Jane is in town with the Gardniers a week and Caroline didn't visit. Jane decides her letter must have gotten lost in the mail. A month goes by and Jane doesn't see Miss. Bingley. Miss. Bingley comes by only one time and leaves very quickly. Jane writes to Elizabeth says Caroline Bingley didn't really like her

Miss King inherits 10,000 pounds when her grandfather dies and Wickham wants to date her now. Jane thinks he wants her for her money

Elizabeth goes to visit Charlotte and Mr. Collins in their new house with Sir William (charlotte's father) and her sister Maria (Sir Williams daughter) they travel 24 miles

Elizabeth stops by Gardniers house and sees Jane hadn't seen Gardnier kids in over a year everyone was happy

Chapter 28 Elizabeth travels north with Sir William towards Charlotte's house get to house Elizabeth notices Charlotte tells Mr. Collins to garden so she doesn't have to deal with him. Charlotte house is comfortable Charlotte and Colin Stein at Lady Catherine's twice a week

Lady Catherine's daughter came by in a carriage she looks small and mean Elizabeth thinks she is perfect for Darcy Collins and Charlotte go outside to talk to Lady Catherine's daughter inside the carriage Elizabeth thought it was rude that she never came inside

Chapter 29 Elizabeth gets an invitation to dinner at Lady Catherine's big house Collins is so excited. Collins tells Elizabeth to dress in the best she can find and they walked half a mile to the big house

Lady Catherine's house is big the daughter is small and sick the ladies go into the drawing room after dinner. Lady Catherine talks the whole time. Lady Catherine tells Charlotte how to run every aspect of her house totally bossy

Lady Catherine asks a lot of questions to Elizabeth tells her “your father's estate is entailed on Mr. Collins”whole scene exactly like the movie Elizabeth says I am not one and 20 so she is 20 years old. Book totally different than the movie Charlotte's dad and Mr. Collins come in there is no Mr. Darcy in the book here

Chapter 30 Sir William stays a week and go some leaves the other daughter Maria there with Mr Collins and Charlotte.

Charlotte and Collins visit Lady Catherine often and Elizabeth goes on long walks Lady Catherine stopped by the house just to tell them all the things that they are doing wrong tells the neighbors what they're doing wrong tooElizabeth here's a Darcy was visiting soon

Darcy and Col. Fitzwilliam came directly to Charlotte's house Elizabeth asked him if he had seen Jane in London in the last three months he said no

Chapter 31 Easterday they were asked to go to Lady Charlotte's big house. They only sought Darcy at church

the scene is in the movie but Col. Fitzwilliam asks Elizabeth to play the piano and Lady Catherine said Elizabeth played okay but and would be great if her health allowed her to learn not herself like in the movie Maria still here

Darcy came to visit and only Elizabeth was home she asked if Bingley was ever going to return to the house and he said probably not Elizabeth had a conversation with Darcy that Charlotte chose an odd man and Darcy said it was nice that she was close to her family it's only 50 miles away I have to days trip because the roads are so good and Elizabeth reminds him that Charlotte doesn't have enough money to travel very often Charlotte comes back and Darcy left quickly Charlotte said Darcy must be in love with Elizabeth because he is never ever visited them beforeCharlotte thought Elizabeth was perfect for Col. Fitzwilliam or Darcy

Chapter 33 Elizabeth walked in weird part of the park and salt Darcy twice and then a third time it can't be a coincidence Darcy said next time she was intent she would stay with Lady Catherine at the big house Elizabeth thought he meant that Col. Fitzwilliam was interested in her and they would be married and so they would stay in the big house together

Elizabeth went walking Saul Cornel Fitzwilliam he told her that Darcy prevented Bingley from a bad marriage Elizabeth thought that Bingley sisters were the problem or his own vanity but it was really Darcy

Chapter 34 Jane writes a letter to Elizabeth's Elizabeth reads it over and over again saw that she was very sadDarcy knocks on the door it was very late same scene is outside in the movie and then he left professed his undying love said he wanted to marry her just like in the movie when they were in the rain she cried for half an hour

Chapter 35 she went for another walk Darcy had been outside looking for her waited for her to give her a letter and then he left.

Darcy's letter said it looked like Jane was uninterested and then apologizes to Elizabeth because obviously she knows her sister better than he does but Darcy felt that any observer would think the same thing so he didn't feel like he was wrong. Page 170 he felt her “want of connection”would not be as great to Bingley as it was to him so that wasn't why meaning that he didn't need her connections are money so it's okay that she's beneath him so that's not why the line he said outside in the rain is in this letter her sister's mother and occasionally her father were a big problem. The letter says he didn't tell Bingley Jane was in town. Wickham was given 1000 pounds and the religion thing they then he said he didn't want it any wanted to be a lawyer so then he gave him 3000 pounds and he didn't do that either. Told the story Georgina was 15 plan to elope with with gum Georgina has 30,000 pounds she told Darcy of her plans to elope two days before she was posted go and Darcy stopped it the N's with if you don't believe me ask Col. Fitzwilliam

Chapter 36 Elizabeth thinks about the letter thought it was prideful and wrong about Jane but that he may be right about with him she thought hard about what gum and he was not kind he was just nice remembered how Wickham trashed Darcy after saying he never would because he supposedly he loved Darcy's father so much

she remembers that Darcy loves Georgina so much so he is capable of deep feelingsElizabeth thinks about her own actions she spoke mean about Darcy and she was prejudiced before she even met himElizabeth thinks about Jane's manners and decides she was completely wrong

Elizabeth walks around for two hours and comes back to the Collins house the Collins tell her that Darcy and Fitzwilliam had been waiting for her but left

Chapter 37 Darcy and Fitzwilliam leave Rosings and Lady Catherine's big house Lady Catherine is bored so she invited them to dinner

Lady Catherine said both of the men said they were sad to go but mostly Darcy Lady Catherine told Elizabeth to stay two more weeks because she'd only plan to visit for six weeks not two months as is normalLady Catherine told her real visit is always two-month long

Lady Catherine told Elizabeth if she stayed another month she would take one of the two girls to London either Elizabeth or Rhea and then said if it was cool outside she would take both of them because neither of them were large

Lady Catherine said that she was going to leave that they needed to bring a servant to protect them on the road home Elizabeth said her uncle Mr. Gardnier was Artie sending one

Lady Catherine told them both how to pack their bags Maria Repacks her whole bag

Chapter 38 Mr. Collins sincerely thanks Elizabeth for coming to visit he understands that his house is small and not many people would visit and he really appreciated it very unusual for his personality to be so kind

Maria said that they had dined at Rosings and Lady Catherine's big house nine times and they went to tea twice and how amazingly great that was and she couldn't wait to tell people

it was four hours to Mr. and Mrs. Gardniers house where a Jane was staying and they stayed for two days

Chapter 39 page 187 town of------ in------ shire met a coach that had Lidia and Kitty and it Kitty was going to buy them lunch but bought hats at a shop instead

the soldiers are going to leave in two weeks so Elizabeth decided not to tell anything bad about Wickham because he's going to be gone anywayWickham is not with Mary King anymore she went away with her family

Jane is 23 Lidia says it is embarrassing that she is not married Lidia told a story about dressing up some guy in women's close and the men didn't recognize him Lidia told everybody that she and Katie bought Elizabeth and Jane lunch even though they didn't they bought hats and said

Drury Mary said she would rather read booksElizabeth didn't want to see Wickham Lydia wants to follow the troops to Brighton

Chapter 40 the day after they are back to their house Elizabeth tells Jane about Darcy both Elizabeth and Jane say they felt bad for Darcy Elizabeth tells Jane about the letter from Darcy and all about Wickham

Elizabeth decides not to expose with him because Darcy hadn't asked her to and she didn't want to make him mad

Mrs. Bennett said Jane will die of a broken heart and that will show being lame

Mrs. Bennett said that Mr. and Mrs. Collins probably talked all about owning her house one day and Elizabeth said that wasn't true

Chapter 41 Lidia is invited by Mrs. Foster the wife of Col. Foster to go to Brighton with the troops

Kitty says she's older than Lidia so she should be able to go Mr. Bennett said that Lidia needs to go so she can learn that she is insignificant and not important

Elizabeth sees Wickham and tells him that she saw Darcy and that she liked Col. Fitzwilliam

only Kitty cries when Lidia leaves for Brighton and that is because she was jealous not because she will miss her

Chapter 42 Elizabeth decides her father married aurally and that the children will suffer an unsuitable marriageElizabeth said her father needs to work harder to make young girls more respectable

Elizabeth is glad that Wickham has left but she will miss the soldiers Regiment partiesLidia writes very short letters


winter some people move into town and they were starting to come back because summer was here so it wasn't as boring at the house

Elizabeth is planning to go visit the lakes with her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. GardnierjuGardniers wrote to Elizabeth that they're going to have to cut the trip short

Gardniers arrive at the house with their four children and left the children with Jane Elizabeth leaves with Mr. and Mrs. Gardnier they want to visit Pemberly where Mr. Darcy was not supposed to be home

Chapter 43

Elizabeth and Mr. and Mrs. Gardnier visit Pemberly they ask a servant to show them around the house Elizabeth decided she liked the large house more than Rosling where Lady Catherine lives because it is less gaudy and has more good taste she sees a miniature picture of what gum and Darcy the made tells Elizabeth that Darcy and his sister and their friends are coming tomorrow

the maid at Pemberly goes on and on about how to nice Mr. Darcy is and that he gives a lot of money to the poor

Mr. Darcy sees them outside he asks polite questions and then he leaves

Mrs. Gardnier was tired and wanted to walk back to the carriage but Mr. Gardnier walk slow so he could look at the trout and the water and they caught up with Mr. Darcy again they asked to be introduced to him and Elizabeth was glad that her aunt and uncle weren't as embarrassing as her family

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth spoke and she apologized for coming she thought he wasn't going to be there until the next day but he alone came early he said that Bingley and the two sisters and his sister Georgina were coming he asked Elizabeth to meet his sister Georgina and she was glad that he didn't hate her the and uncle like him now he is into proud

later aunt Gardnier asked Elizabeth why she thought Mr. Darcy was so disagreeable and Elizabeth said she liked him better now uncle said he wasn't going to go Fish on his property because he changed his mind too much and he was worried the aunt said it was a shame he was so mean to Wickham Elizabeth tells aunt and uncle about Wickham but she didn't say how she knew it

Chapter 44 Elizabeth and Darcy decide that Darcy would bring Georgina to visit Elizabeth the next day

when Darcy and Georgina arrived the Antonopoulos figured out that Darcy liked Elizabeth

Georgina is shy and barely spoke a word she is not as cute as Darcy she's tall and looks like a woman Bingley came a while later

Elizabeth watched to see if Georgina and Bingley were in love but they were not it is been eight months since Bingley saw her and he knew the exact date that may Elizabeth happy

Darcy asked them all to dinner out at Pemberly and aunt said yes for everybody now and uncle believe the housekeeper who said Darcy was wonderful

an uncle find out in town that Wickham left debts all over town that Darcy had to pay when he skipped town

uncle decided to go fishing the next day now that he knew Darcy was nice

Elizabeth stayed awake and decided she liked not loved Darcy

Chapter 45 Mrs. Hearst ,Caroline Bingley and Darcy's sister Georgina met Elizabeth and aunt in the house it was very tense. Caroline Bingley asked Elizabeth if the troops leaving hurt her family she was very rude

the second Elizabeth laughed Caroline started to cut her down calling her tired and brown and low class

Darcy said yes she is tan but Caroline went on and on and reminded Darcy that he said she's a beauty I should call her mother a whit page 230 he said it was before he knew her and now she is the most handsome woman that he knows

Chapter 46 two letters came from Jane one was Ms. sent Jane wrote the direction wrong the address to where was this to be delivered to it was written five days ago

Jane's letter said Lidia left Col. Foster's house and ran off with Whitcomb Elizabeth open the other letter it said that marriage between the two of them would be bad enough but now it seems that Wickham has no plans to marry Lidia Jane thinks the best of Lidia and says that maybe they got married privately but Whitcomb would never run off with her and even if he did Lidia would never say okay, the letter said Kitty knew that they were attracted and attached to each other and that their father was going crazy he was planning to go to London with Col. Foster to look for them

Elizabeth ran around looking for the uncle and runs into Darcy the entire scene from the movie but only Darcy and Elizabeth are there nobody else Elizabeth said she should have warned her family against what gum Elizabeth said she knew that Wickham would not marry Lidia that Jane was just naïve and too trusting

Elizabeth leaves for home

Darcy said he would try to help

Chapter 47 uncle says Wickham will marry her or he would disgrace Col. Foster and they wouldn't let him back in the Regiment if he did that

Elizabeth thinks that they're going to go to Scotland

Elizabeth tells the Antonopoulos at she knew about what gum but the Regiment was leaving in two weeks anyway so she decided not to say anything

they arrived back at Elizabeth house there is no news dad has gone to look for them and mom is in bed

Mrs. Bennett blames everybody including the Foster's that should have watched Lydia more closely Mrs. Bennett told uncle to go look for them and force them to get married but tells them to tell Lidia not to buy any clothes until she can show Lidia where to get the best closethes page 245

Mary tells Elizabeth that virtue cannot be redeemed

Denny tells Jane that what gum wouldn't marry Lidia he wanted money

Kitty said Lidia wrote to her and told her they were in love for weeks and they were going to run off

Lidia wrote a note to Col. Foster's wife Elizabeth read it it said

Lidia's note said that she is going to Gretna Green and there there was no need to tell her mind dad that she will write them using her new name Wickham asked Mrs. Foster to fix addressed for her and apologize to the other guy about the dance she was was to go with

Elizabeth was worried that the servants would tell everybody Ms. Lucas knows Elizabeth thinks it's best that she didn't page 248

Chapter 48 Mr. Gardnier went to help Mrs. Bennett worried that Mr. Bennett will die in a duel.

Mrs. Gardnier tells everyone bad stories about what gum and upsets everybody

the whole town now hates what gum even though a few weeks ago he was an angel

Mr. Gardnier writes a letter that he found Mr. Bennett in London and that he isn't leaving

they also around and wait for letters

Mr. Collins wrote to Mr. Bennett and Elizabeth read it because Mr. Bennett wasn't home it said that Lidia's death would have been better that Mr. and Mrs. Bennett indulged her and that she is bad he finished off by saying that he was glad he didn't marry into that family and to drop the girl and let her reap what she has sewn

what gum has 1000 pounds of debts in Brighton and many gambling debts too

Mr. Bennett comes home the next day the uncle is still looking in London

Mr. Bennett was sad and said that it was all his fault and told Katie she was never going anywhere again and she cried told her if she was good for 10 years he will take her to a play

Chapter 49 Mr. Bennett gets a letter from Mr. Gardnier it says he found them in London they are not married he wants 5000 pounds and that meant that 1000 pounds meant for each of the five sisters is gone and he wants 100 pounds a year

Mr. Bennett said that no one would marry Lidia for 100 pounds a year while he was alive and 50 pounds a year once he died so his brother must have paid Wickham

they go upstairs and tell Mrs. Bennett and she was so happy she wanted to start buying clothes and wanted to know how much she could send to spend on close she wanted to go around town and tell everybody

Chapter 50 Mr. Bennett wished he'd saved more money for his girls and he felt in debt to his brother-in-law

if Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had had a son it would stop the entail on the house but no son and five girls meant that they will lose the house to Mr. Collins

Mrs. Bennett started looking in the newspaper for grand houses for Lidia and Wickham to live in but Mr. Bennett said no he also didn't give her any money for close

Elizabeth was sure that Darcy would never want to talk to her again because of the big scandal

Elizabeth figured out that she and Darcy are perfect for each other he would educate her and she would improve his manners

Mr. Gardnier wrote that Wickham was quitting the militia and joining the Army regulars under Gen.------ Regiment page 267

the newly married couple Lidia and with him were moving north Mrs. Bennett wanted to see her and show her off before they moved so

Chapter 51 Lidia and Wickham they came to breakfast Lidia was happy and Mrs. Bennett was happy too

Lidia and Wickham stayed for 10 days

Lydia told Elizabeth about the Sarah money and mentioned Darcy was with Wickham

Elizabeth wrote to the ant and asked her about what Darcy did

Chapter 52 Elizabeth reads the ants letter it said that Darcy found them spoke to them both Lidia felt they would eventually get married one day but Whitcomb was never going to marry her and he planned to go to another country and find a rich wife to get away from all of his debts. Darcy paid $2000 towards Wickham's debts and bought Wickham his new job with the Army regulars you can purchase commissions. The aunt said Darcy asked about Elizabeth

the aunt said she yelled at Lidia but that Lydia didn't listen

what gum saw Elizabeth and she was both mean and nice she was mean when she said she saw the Pemberly housekeeper who hated him and told him he didn't want to make sermons as his first job but then she was nice to him and said let's forget it and move on

Chapter 53 Lidia and Wickham leave Lidia tells them to write her but she will be too busy to write back

they hear the news that Mr. Bingley is coming back

Mrs. Bennett wants Jane to visit Bingley but Jane says no Mr. Bingley is invited to dinner by Mrs. Bennett

page 285 Bingley's third day at Netherfield Mrs. Bennett sees him at the horse paddock he rides over with Darcy

Jane is very quiet Mrs. Bennett not as nice, Mr. Darcy congratulates Mrs. Bennett on her daughter's marriage, Mrs. Bennett tells Darcy that Wickham joined the regulars and still has some friends but not as many as he deserves

Mrs. Bennett was nice to Bingley told him to come shoot all of her birds when he shot all of his. Mr. Bingley said he was staying for three weeks Mrs. Bennett invited them to dinner soon

Chapter 54 Bingley and Darcy leave Elizabeth wonders why did they, if there were going to be silent

Jane said it was good that they can be friends and Elizabeth said that he still loves you

they're supposed to come back Tuesday for dinner Tuesday comes Bingley sits next to Jane Mr. Darcy sat as far away from Elizabeth as the table would allow

Mr. Darcy barely talk to Elizabeth Elizabeth thought it was impossible to get a second offer of marriage from him

Mrs. Bennett was happy that Jane still had a chance with Bingley Jane pretended not to care for him

Chapter 55 a few days later Bingley visits alone

Bingley visits again Mrs. Bennett tries to let Jane and Bingley be alone but the girls wouldn't take the hint she kept winking at Katie but he asked out loud what are her she wanted

Elizabeth was called out of the room I the mom Ringley when shooting with Mr. Bennett Mrs. Bennett left them alone again and it seems to be working Bingley and Jane were close together talking

it worked Jane said she was very happy and needed to talk to her mom and tell her first Bingley was off to talk to her dad

Bingley and Jane were getting married but the book never really says so

Jane was now Mrs. Bennett's favorite Lidia was long forgotten kitty just wanted to have balls at their house Mary wanted to use nether field library

Bingley visited every day Bingley told Jane that he had no idea that she was in London Jane thinks it's all his sisters fault

neighbors now thought they were the luckiest family in the world even though recently they were the most unlucky because of Lidia's big scandal

Chapter 56 Lady Catherine came by Elizabeth's house she sat down and she was kind of rude and told Mrs. Bennett there is too much sun in the room and asked Elizabeth to take a walk with her they had the same conversation as the movie but Lady Catherine said she would be hated and everybody would look down on Elizabeth if she married Darcy Elizabeth reminded her that she was the daughter of a gentleman

Elizabeth's mom said she probably was nearby and remembered Elizabeth visit and came by to say hi was in that nice of Lady Catherine Elizabeth lied and said yes mom that was nice of Lady Catherine

Chapter 57 Elizabeth Warren Darcy might care what Lady Catherine said because he doesn't have very many relatives

Mr. Bennett had a letter and wanted to talk to Elizabeth about it the letter was from Mr. Collins it said that Elizabeth can't married Darcy because of Lady Catherine hasn't okayed the marriage. He also said they should not have let Lidia stay at the house after her patched up marriage and if he was the religious person he would have said no

dad thought the letter was very funny he liked receiving mail from Mr. Collins and Wickham because they are both funny he meant the whole thing is a joke but it wasn't a joke to Elizabeth because she really did like Darcy and wanted to marry him

Chapter 58 Darcy and Bingley visited they went walking with Katie Elizabeth and Jane Kitty went off to visit Maria Charlotte sister Elizabeth jumped at the chance to talk to Darcy for the first time alone and think him for what he did for Lidia he said he did it for her

Darcy tells Elizabeth he still loves her and it's the whole last scene from the movie she said her feelings completely changed

in the letter he wrote to her he said it started with bitterness he said he was taught to be thoughtless to everyone outside of his own family. Darcy tells Elizabeth he told Bingley that he knew Jane was in London the whole three months and Bingley was mad but then he said it was good for Bingley and Jane to be together and how wrong he was and Bingley was happy and forgave him

Chapter 59 another time no engagement said the book but Jane and Elizabeth are alone later and Elizabeth tells her she's engaged to Darcy

Jane thought she hated Darcy and told Jane almost everything but not about Darcy and Bingley

Darcy and Bingley came the next day Darcy asked to go for a walk Mrs. Bennett asked Elizabeth to be nice for Jane sake and please go for a walk with Darcy even though she didn't really like him

Darcy told Elizabeth he was going to ask her father tonight if he could marry her

Mr. Bennett went to the library and Darcy followed him that night it was the same conversation as the movie when Elizabeth talk to her dad and she told him about Lidia

Elizabeth told her mom that night that she loves Darcy and the mom could say nothing bad about him he was so charming and handsome and tall

Chapter 60 Elizabeth asked Darcy why when he came to dinner that night he didn't talk to her and he said she didn't smile or encourage him and he was scared

Elizabeth wrote to her aunt and said thanks for going to Pemberly the letter says she is more happy than Jane because Jane only smiles and she laughs Elizabeth invites Mr. and Mrs. Gardnier her in uncle to Pemberly for Christmas

Darcy writes to Lady Catherine the letter is not the book

Mr. Bennett wrote to Mr. Collins and said that Elizabeth is going to marry Darcy and that he should stand by Darcy because he has more money it was a funny letter

Caroline Bingley wrote to Elizabeth and Jane saying how happy she was

Charlotte and Mr. Collins visited Charlotte's parents, Lady Catherine was so matted Darcy and a letter he wrote to her that Charlotte and Mr. Collins decided they need to get out of town for a while

Chapter 61 Mrs. Bennett is still silly Mr. Bennett Mrs. Elizabeth and visited Pemberly often unannounced

Mr. Bingley and Jane lived that nether field for one year and decided it was too close to her family so they moved

Bingley and Jane lived 30 miles away from Elizabeth and Darcy

Katie spent so much time with her sisters in better society that she was much improved Kitty was never allowed to visit Lidia

Mary was happy just to stay home

video road to Elizabeth and asked for a place in court and for Wickham and for $3-$400 a year Elizabeth said no but she still sent the money and Darcy helped in with Tom's career

in time Wickham didn't like Lidia anymore Lidia would visit when Wickham was away a few times

Wickham and Lidia stated Jane's too long and they had to be asked to leave

Georgina and Elizabeth are best friends Georgina now lived at Pemberly with them

Mr. and Mrs. Gardnier were so glad that they brought Elizabeth to Derbyshire and decided it was their fault that Darcy and Elizabeth were together at all