Some may wonder how equal rights evolved so quickly and in this 1960's Harper Lee novel we can see how. Readers are taken back in time to the 1930's, a much simpler time from what is told to us by Scout, a young girl and main character. She and her brother Jim are allowed to roam free to play in their small, southern town where it appears mostly whites live. Scout is eight and until a black man is accused of beating and raping a young white girl, she is not really aware of much crime, despite her father is a lawyer.


When her father starts being harassed and riducled for defending a black man, Scout is confused. To her, she is unable to see why or how color makes a difference. To people. In an effort to find out, she continually asks her father about the trail and it is through his retelling we see how the trail goes, as well as the ultimate outcome.
This was a great book that helped me see how racial inequalities and those who are different in some way, still exists today.