On May 8 I attended Return to the Forbidden Planet at Bainbridge Island Theater. This show had some of my favorite songs in it. I still have no idea what the plot was but the music was fun. This was a completely baffling show. I almost wish they had given up on even attempting a loose plot and just sang in weird costumes.

My friend Alex played Ariel the robot. He is so talented. I wish he was playing Tempest, the main character, but he did a great job in his lesser role. My favorite play was when he was in was Fame. When he started hard-core rapping in the middle of the scene I was in awe of his incredible confidence on stage. I could never do what the actors in the play do every night. I would probably have a panic attack and be sent to the hospital via ambulance if I even got on stage yet they not only get on stage, they do it in weird costumes and they sing. I have nothing but great respect for the amount of time and effort it took to put this play together. That said,it was weird as hell.

My favorite songs were when the entire cast sang Great Balls of Fire and Shake Rattle and Roll. I especially liked the Star Trek uniforms. I have never heard of this play before. I believe even if it was a Broadway show with million-dollar sets and costumes they couldn't save the bizarre plot. I have never read the book Tempest by William Shakespeare, but I cannot imagine it is about a cook, a professor and his daughter going to another planet. I may be way off on this as I have only read three of Shakespeare's plays. Alex told me it was a love story, I'm not getting that either.


I may have to look up the play online somewhere to figure out what the plot actually was but I want to do it after my review because I don't want to influence my critique of the show. My only real critique is that it was difficult to follow the plot. The singing and dancing were great. I know you made the sets so I better say that the sets were awesome too!

My favorite part of the play was seeing people brave enough to stand up there and do it. I am constantly amazed at the confidence of my friends have. My friend Hayden performed in front of the entire Seattle Symphony Orchestra. I was in the cheap seats way in the back and I was still nervous as hell for her. I can't imagine actually getting up there and doing it. The performers in this play are amazing, brave and also talented. I really enjoyed the music, I love the oldies. I highly recommend going to see this play, just sit back and let the songs wash over you, don't even attempt to figure out the plot and you'll have a great time.