The most important scene in this act is when the Prince comes in and stops a large group of people from fighting. In this scene men armed with swords and shields start yelling at each other as if they are going to fight. Half of them represent the Capulet family, the other half the Montague family. The Prince of Verona comes in time to stop the fighting and tells them to stop their feud.

From this scene we learn that the Capulet family and the Montague family have been fighting for years. The servants from each of the houses each claim that their masters are better than the others. This scene is important because it shows that the two families are about to go to war with each other. The Prince seems to be the only person that realizes that they are fighting over nothing. Later in this scene we learned that one of the Montague’s named Romeo is in love with the woman but she is not in love with him.



“Crazy subjects, those of you against justice, cowards who use weapons to settle your problems. What’s going on you criminals?, you felons, you don’t use words to solve your problems but get overly excited and want to fight. Listen to me and put down your weapons on the ground and hear what I have to say. Three times you have fought over absolutely nothing but words. I‘m talking to you Capulet and you Montague. You have three times disturbed the peace of this neighborhood. You’re making the citizens of Verona stand in the way of you fighting. You make people decide which family they will stand with, with their old friends, and old relationships, and make them decide which side to hate. If you ever cause this kind of disturbance in our neighborhood again I will be forced to kill you and you will forfeit your life for disturbing the peace. Capulet you come with me. Montague you come to me later this afternoon. I want to know the details of your problems with each other, so I can stop you disturbing our neighborhood, and messing up our justice system. This is your last chance before I have to kill you, all of you go away.”