The movie Warm Bodies completely captures the genius of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. In warm Bodies a zombie named R falls in love with a human named Julie. There are many references to the play Romeo and Juliet in the movie. There is even a balcony scene.

Romeo and Juliet works on many levels and has proven to be timeless. Our hero Romeo cannot remember his name, he just knows it starts with the letter R. R does not come alive until he meets his beautiful Juliet, I mean Julie. Romeo goes through out his days just trying to stay alive and not really connecting with anybody in this zombie world.


Juliet, or Julie in this production, has the same demanding father that Juliet had in Romeo and Juliet. Julie's father has decided how she should live her life and she is very unhappy about it. Julie's overbearing father decides he knows what is best for everybody in his world. He tries to protect Julie from the zombies. Juliet was also protected from an overbearing father who wanted to marry her off to someone that would serve him well, because he thought he knew better than she did what was good for her. Julie slowly falls in love with R.

There is even a balcony scene where R comes to Julie before impending doom and they share a quiet kiss inside of her room. Just like in Romeo and Juliet R and Julie are awesome teenagers. Also just like the play Romeo gives his life for Juliet, R gives his life for Julie. Julie and her family fight zombies and R and his zombies fight to stay alive. Just like the Capulet and Montague's they cannot seem to get along until the very end when R gives his life for Juliet the two families learn to get along. In the movie Julie is saved by R who gives up his life for her and teaches Julie's family that not all zombies are bad.

Happily, unlike Romeo and Juliet, R doesn’t die and they happily ever after.