1. Benvolio is the speaker and he is speaking to Mercutio and Tybalt. In this quote he is staying let’s not talk here in public, there are too many people watching. He believes they should go someplace private or just not speak of it at all anymore. Right before this quote Mercutio says that Benvolio is looking for a fight and that he just needs to calm down. After that Tybalt and his friends come over looking to fight with Romeo. Benvolio doesn’t want to fight in public because he is afraid of the Prince so he wants them to either get over it or to talk about it someplace more private.

  2. Juliet is the speaker of this quote and she is speaking to Nurse. In this quote she is saying that she is shocked that Romeo killed Tybalt. The quote means that Juliet believes Romeo is both a good guy and a bad guy. She is asking mother nature how Romeo can be so attractive but he still can be evil. She is asking if there was ever a book on being evil that is wrapped up in a beautiful book binding with a beautiful book cover. She can’t believe someone so evil could be so good-looking. This quote is important because it shows that Juliet believes that Romeo is evil, but she loves him anyway.

  3. Friar Lawrence is the speaker in this quote and he is speaking to Romeo. The quote means how dare you talk that way to me that way Romeo you are being rude and you do not realize how much I have done for you, your ungrateful. The Prince is being kind to you and not punishing you to the fullest extent of the law. The Prince should put you to death but you are lucky and you were just banished. He is showing you mercy and I cannot believe you refuse to see how much he has done for you. This quote is important because it shows that Romeo is really immature and ungrateful. He does not understand how this could happen to him. Friar Lawrence has turned out to be a really good friend to Romeo but he doesn’t understand yet how few friends he has.


  5. Romeo is the speaker in this quote and he is talking to Juliet. The quote means let them take me and put me to death if that’s what you want. I‘m happy just to stay with you. The morning is coming but it is a gray day on the way that isn’t as happy as the mornings that came before it. This quote is about Romeo and Juliet coming to terms with what is going to happen to Romeo’s future and his banishment. They‘re coming to terms with the fact that they’re not going to be able to see each other anymore.

  6. Nurse is the speaker in this quote and she is talking to Romeo but Friar Lawrence is there to so he probably can also hear. The quote means Juliet feels the same way Romeo does. Juliet is crying and weeping and crying some more. Nurse is telling him to stand up and be a man for Juliet sake he needs to stand up and then she asks why should you be crying and being so sad too Romeo? This is important quote because Romeo finds out from Nurse that Juliet is very upset and sad and has cried and cried because she has found out that Romeo has killed Tybalt.