The Call of the Wild by Jack London is about an average household dog that gets taken by dog slavers to pull very heavy sleds. Throughout the book Buck (the main "character") learns to let go of his domesticated ways and learn the law of club and fang. Buck learns that to survive out in the cold Alaskan wilderness he must adapt. Buck becomes Alpha of the sled dog pack after killing Spitz, the current lead dog. Buck is then tested to his limits after being sold to a family who has never been in the cold Alaskan wilderness. The dogs get hungry and some starve and die while others are sore for pulling much more weight than they are used to. The family and the dogs take a pit stop at John Thornton's camp where all of the dogs plop on the ground and attempt to rest. The family forces the dogs to get up after the dogs try to pull themselves up. All of the dogs get up except for Buck who defiantly stays on the ground while getting beaten by a club. The book describes the event through Buck's eyes as he slowly fades away with each hit as the light inside of him dies. Just after John threatens the family that he will kill them if they don't stop hitting the dog. John unties Buck out of the sled and as that happens the sled including the family and the rest of the dogs fall through the ice and drown.


John then takes care of Buck as his own and Buck starts to live as a domesticated dog all though the call of the wild still calls him in the middle of the forest. The only reason he hasn't answered the call was he loves John more than himself and he can't part ways. Shortly after John takes the dogs and goes camping in the forest where Buck gets to run and be himself. A couple months after they arrive camping, Buck comes back to the camp one day after being in the wild and John and the dogs are killed by Yeehats, a tribe who has been living in the wild. In rage, Buck leaps and tears open the chief's throat and doesn't stop there. He kills as many as he could and chases them through the woods. Now, Buck has no more ties to humanity, John being the only human he's ever cared about, Buck finally embraces the wild. He becomes the Alpha among several packs of wolves and becomes feared by the Yeehats as the Ghost Dog. Even though Buck finally embraces the wild, once every year he still visits the camp to mourn the passing of John.