Dashing young sailor Edmond Dantes is a honest young man whose peaceful life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes are abruptly shattered by Mercedes cousin Fernand who is in love with her and deceives them by telling the police Edmond was part of the Bonapartist party. This party supported Napoleon, a person who all of the Europe hated for taking all he wanted. Dantes was thrown into a jail and for trying to kill the person bringing him food, he was taken to the dungeons. 2 years later he met a another prisoner because that prisoner was trying to escape and dug a tunnel to Dantes cell. This man's name was Abbe Faria, one of the smartest men alive. For the next 12 years Faria taught Dantes all he knew, including several languages. Sadly, the day before their escape plan started, Faria had a heart attack and became paralyzed, the next day he died. Dantes faked his death thinking he would be buried but instead he was thrown out into the ocean. He then swam for an enormous amount of time until a boat picked him up. The late Abbe Faria had told him of a secret treasure that Farias master had left for him on the island of Monte Cristo. Edmond went there and found the treasure that is now worth 1 billion dollars. Edmond then changed his name into the Count of Monte Cristo after buying the island. He then became one of the most well known men in France, for several very different rumors. He held many partie and such and helped many people through times of hardship and hate. What will become of the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo?


This was one of the best books ever for me, it was enticing, thrilling, and exciting. Although I didn’t finish it while I was in France, it was a surprisingly challenging book and I enjoyed it. Also, I was exceedingly happy when I realized that it was a slow paced adventure, almost as if it could happen in real life. Although it took me a long time to read considering it was a 1200 page book, it was still an epic that keeps continuing on in my head, chapter after chapter. I recommend this book because of the reality it reflects on books, I say this because of how lifelike these characters are and how they actually have feelings. From this book you are able to see how the richest men in the world lived, or if you choose to, the poorest. From squabbles to heartbreak, from love to hate, this is one of the best stories ever told and one of the saddest.