Jesus Christ half-brothers alive and well on the Spokane Indian Reservation

1966 Rosemary warning dove gave birth to a boy the father is Frank Many Horses

the child’s name is James she named him _________ which means he who crawl silently through the grass with a small bow and one bad arrow hunting for enough gear to feed the whole tribe

a fire at Rosemary’s house Frank many horses throws James out the window and the baby is on fire and his head got dented and he didn’t cry

Rosemary and Frank died and because he saved the baby he takes the baby in

1967 James doesn’t talk or walk or cry

1968 Indian clinic set too early for him to talk

he still doesn’t cry

1969 took James to the clinic he’s not crying

he falls off the wagon and starts drinking again

Suzy song took care of him and Frank

playing basketball some of the asked him if Suzy song and James were his wife and son and he says yes

he is for and he doesn’t speak in his physical development is slow but that’s normal for and Indian child

he hurts his leg playing basketball hurts his knee

1970 that any still thought about the Pueblo Indians that disappeared because no one thought about them

James, five he doesn’t talk or crawl or cry

Dr. said nothing wrong with him he’s a slow developer

watching the Vietnam War on TV he is still drinking at the bar

please basketball drunk guy named Ray pulls kerosene gas out over the court and lights it up in the snow melts along with Lester follow parts pants

so they set the basketball court on fire to melt the snow so they could play

his friends Ray and Joseph got arrested for beating up a white guy

1971 he gets arrested at a tribal police for abandoning his child as he forgot about he was drunk

he goes to AA because that The Only Way, James will be left with him his aunt was in also and Suzy song is in also help take care James

1972 he’s trying to drink

he gets a postcard from a girl he’s to go with in Seattle and asked if he still loves her and he sent her the light bill

1973 James talked that it was when he wasn’t looking in the doctors said it wasn’t true

James talks when he isn’t in the room when no one can hear

Christmas 1973 James talks radio problem and it’s the best present he says a lot of things he told them to get a job and grow out his braids and to shoot left-handed and he said open a fireworks stand

1974 worlds fair in Spokane he took James


A train is in order of occurrence designed to lead some result

Samuel builds the fire works at a third Avenue motel as a maid these to be a nice hotel that doubtless crappy full of drug addicts one-time Samuel found a young Indian boy dead in the room from drug overdose

it was his birthday and he didn’t get anything from anybody gritting his children he gets fired from his job being a made because the economy is bad

he goes to a bar for the first time because he doesn’t drink

he starts drinking trips and falls on a train track and is killed

The good story

mother quilting says his stories are sad and she was your good story

the story uncle Moses had a sandwich shop he sings a good day song

Moses learns that 99% of matter in the universe is invisible to the human eye so he made sure to say hello to everything he couldn’t see

Indian children would come one point named Arnold was a full blood Spokane Indian but he was very pale

there is a field trip all the other went to a baseball game in Spokane and he hid until they left because he wanted to see Moses

he asked Mrs. to tell him the story

and then his mother went back to quilting and sang a it’s a good day song

the first annual all Indian horseshoe pitching barbecue

somebody forgot the charcoal blame the BIA which is the Bureau of Indian affairs

Victor bought a secondhand baby grand Canaletto fleamarket and brought it back to the reservation in a BIA pickup truck

underneath the picnic table he drank Kool-Aid and eight a hot dog with a girl

Simon one the horseshoe pitch with the double ringer and he knew he would top the story forever

Simon one the one on one basketball tournament with a jump shot

Seymour told Simon that winning the contests will make them famous

a baby born of a white mother and a red father both sides of the baby are beautiful

Imagining the Reservation

imagine if crazy horse invented the atom bomb in 1876 and blew up Washington DC

Indians wouldn’t be in one-room apartments on reservations

talked about working the graveyard shift in a Seattle 711 in total a man locked them in the cooler and stole all the money out of the cash register and he took his basketball shoes off his feet and the last dollar bill from his wallet

hobo froze to death in a locked refrigeration car the temperature was never below 50° but the body forgot how to survive no one turned on the refrigerator

survival equals anger times imagination and imagination is the only weapon on the reservation

and Indian child could see the future a total of $20 bill was hidden in his shoe and it would change his life forever

Indian child told Lester his heart was buried at the base of a pine tree behind the trading post

Indian child told him to break every near in the house and take the pieces to my body and he did it in the Indian child laughed reflecting every last word of the story

they ate nothing but red potatoes Green potatoes and blue potatoes because his sister bought food coloring in the eight potatoes every day of their life and she wanted to be more interesting

July 4 Indian boy blew off his fingers with MAD firework

Tony Swaggart slept in the basement with $2000 worth of fireworks and it accidentally caught on fire

you have to imagine everything you have to imagine that your shadow Isadore, the water will mend broken bones, a drum wraps itself around your heart, a story that puts wood in the fireplace

Initive 1351 smaller class sizes 50.57% winning

591 limit govt right to take away your guns winning 54.55%

594 background checks passes

Republicans control the House