She is dark blonde with almost brown hair that’s in a bun, mostly, but there are lots of flyaways. She has a pimple in the middle of her forehead, she keeps touching it, she must be self conscious about it. Her eyebrows are trimmed small but she puts on makeup to make her eyebrows look darker and bolder. She’s very slight within overbite. Must bite her lip probably some kind of nervous tic.

Her clothes are very fussy, black blazer with the top button clicked shut but none of the others are closed purposefully. A velvet looking hazy blue and cream lined shirt with horizontal stripes and blue trim. She has a scratch on her right hand, too small for cat must be a dog or puppy. The brass buttons on the jacket are very fancy looking and out of place with her bohemian office girl look. A pink rope bracelet one on the left hand from cross-country I think. She’s wearing ripped jeans with at least 10 holes in them that look amazingly like Swiss cheese with the bottoms rolled up to show her ankles. She is probably trying to show off expensive looking black heels with a three or four inch rise. Her ears are elf like and stick out of her hair ever so slightly.

She’s looks around, like maybe she’s bored, looking past people, not at them. Her arms are on her lap one hand playing with the thumb of the other hand rubbing it hard. Her legs are crossed with one foot on the floor tapping, every three seconds or so tapping, there is no song playing, it must be in her head.

A boy walks by, her the only connection to him being the graduation year, she’s never had the nerve to speak to him before. She reads a lot of magazines but has no real connection to them either. She flips through them looking at the pictures. Her bag is completely unorganized with lots of loose paper shoved inside, dog eared essays and worse.


She’s staring at me now I think she’s caught on that I‘m staring at her. She wants people to notice her but scared of what they would say so she acts aloof and hopes I go away. She wants to be like Beyoncé with her ability to stand out and always look so cool. She begins a light conversation with the girl sitting close to her and suddenly looks down with an embarrassed look to her face. The other girl must’ve said something to put her back in her shell.

Her parents have been giving her a hard time about her grades and told her to refocus. All the information seems to flow in one ear and out the other. Procrastination is the name of the game and it has caused her to lose sleep. She recognizes many people in the hallways but has very few friends. AP literature sounded pretty cool to her when she was signing up for it but now she feels out of place and out of her league. The expectations are simply too high and once again she’s going to disappoint everyone around her. She is the master of the fake laugh though they’ll never figure her out.

She has no boyfriend or girlfriend it’s never happened before. She usually has somebody who likes her. Sometimes she fights with her family at home because she feels like she has no time to do chores and her parents get on her about it. Her room is a disaster area. She gets Starbucks every day she’s addicted to coffee at age 17. Her dad consistently looks disappointed in her, the good news is he doesn’t get home until late so she doesn’t have to deal with him most days. She thinks he wanted a boy and she’s the only child so she has failed him there too. She lives in South Bainbridge Island but wishes she lived in the North closer to town.

I imagine her life as it will look 10 years from now. She will go on to college because it is expected of her. She’ll become a nurse. Marry the first guy who’s nice to her, get a divorce, and be a single mother of three working two jobs, just to make ends meet. But she will always have Starbucks and nice shoes.