The Call of the Wild is a classic folktale written by Jack London. The main character is Buck, half saint bernard and half shepherd dog. in the beginning, Buck lives a quiet life in Santa Clara Valley, California. One day, Buck is kidnapped and sold to Perrault, whose intention is to turn buck into a sled dog. He struggles greatly until he learns the way of the sled. Over time, Buck builds muscle and mental strength. He becomes powerful and, in an act to earn money, Perrault sells buck to Fran├žois. He is an experienced mail driver, and he is fair and has good sense. Buck is put on the team, and fights his way to the top. While with Fran├žois, Buck learns the role of a great leader and sled dog. eventually, Buck is sold to a young, arrogant couple and their younger brother, Mercedes and Charles, and Hal. Bucks new caretakers are inexperienced and treat the dogs unfairly. Throughout their journey, they make poor calls, and set the team up for disaster.


On a warm spring day, when the team gets to a river, Charles believes the sled will make it across the barely frozen ice. This is where they meet John Thornton. He warns them not to cross for the sled will surely fall in. He gets in a fight with Charles, and ends up taking Buck from the team. Charles, Mercedes, and Hal decide to cross the river and they all fall in and die. John Thornton becomes Buck’s new master, he shows buck strict discipline in the way of the Klondike. Buck and John Thornton form a bond he never knew existed. While in his travels, Buck hears the call of the wild. He later learns it is a wolf pack, he has an instant bond with them, but he cannot break the connection between him and his master John Thornton. Buck grows weary and wild. While off on his own, Buck explores what it’s like to be independant. When Buck returns, he discovers John Thornton and his pals were killed by the Yeehats. After his tragic discovery, Buck realizes he's free and answers the call of the wind. He rejoins the wolf pack, and lets his wild instincts take over.