The title of the book is "The Diary of Anne Frank". The author is Anne Frank. The genre is fiction, and the theme to this book is that we are all the same. Yes, we have different color of skin, different beliefs. But we still have the same rights that we have today. Families were separated; people were killed, but worst of all. A girl wrote down her every thought during World War II, while she was in hiding. How would you feel if you were never allowed outside, because you didn't want to put your family in danger or get caught? That Anne Frank had to live, could you?

The book is about a family who was living during when World War II was taking place. Jews weren't allowed to go certain places; kids couldn't go to school if there were Jewish. Most of all, families of Jews had to go to Concentration Camps. Concentration Camp was someplace where children, women, men, and even elders were put to work. Anne and her family were in hiding that time, but not for long. Anne and her family had to live in a place called "The Annex". "The Annex" was where her father worked and now was their new home. Anne had an older sister named Marco, who you could say was the smart one of the two sisters. Anne wasn't much like Marco who did crossword puzzles in her spare time, but wrote in her journal she got for her 13th birthday. Anne always dreamed about being an actress when she grew up, but never knew if that would ever be able to happen since everything that was going on during the time. But if she didn't survive the Holocaust, she wanted her diary to be published, because she wanted everyone to know she went while she was in hiding. Now she didn't write about boys she had a crush on. Well maybe a boy was mentioned in there once or twice, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. Anyway, she wrote her thoughts, not only her thoughts, but her secrets. See she named her diary Kitty because; she had no one to talk to. Yes she may have had her mother and sister, but really weren't the kind of the secrets you share you share with your friends. She wrote about how she was so worried about the Nazis finding her family and taking her and her family away. She wondered how long she was not going to be able to go outside, and once again smell the fresh air, hear the birds chirp. When was she going to be free again?


This book was not a happy ending, like most other story in the world. The most terrible part of the story is when she and her family are being transported to the Concentration Camp. Anne doesn't know where her family is and it just hurts inside to picture this in my mind. I know that we are all Americans and we have our civil rights and there is no reason that this girl should have died at the age of 13 and six million Jews as well. Although Anne dream of becoming an actress, her father , who was the only one of the Franks to survive grant his daughters wish by publishing her as a book.