Interestingly, this story occurs in southland Chicago long time ago, and still, the separation of white and black community still exist today.

The story itself went very smooth and touching, and each character is very well described. The deeply religious mother, the brother struggled with his pursuit and reality, the wife that has tried her best to organize the household but powerless since lack of money, the sister that trying her best to pursue a degree for a better life, although no tuition in front of her, the son that going to primary school even lack of paying the fees that teacher have asked. All characters are described very well. and the story itself has enough to draw my eyes that I couldn't stop reading it.


It is a great story with the highlights and end with a surprisingly and reasonable ending. It is funny that the white community even send a representative to negotiate, ask the black family not to move in to the white community. Although losing the largest amount of money the man has ever got, by his most trustworthy friends, this man has stand strong and defend his family. Holy god has worked in his family, when it is bad time, the family could make it through.

This is very beautiful story compressed in small pages. Definitely will stay in my mind since it makes me believe faith and have known more about the painful experience that African American have gone through.