Admonition: warning

Latent: dormant, present but not visible

Rendered: to return, to deliver

Naught: nothing

Firmament: heaven, sky

Bestow: to use, to give

Proportionate: balanced, proportional

“of good issues”: from a good source (in this context, it means our ideas come from God)

Imparted: to grant, to give

Manifest: to show, to make evident

Gay: happy

Muse: a goddess that inspires a creative artist

Providence: God, divine care

Confided: trusted

Invalid: a sickly person


Joint-stock company: association of individuals in a business enterprise

Aversion: opposite

“Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist”: “A real man (or woman) does not conform.”

Immortal palms: honor, a legacy

Absolve: to set free

Constitution: physical character

Titular: existing in title only

Ephemeral: lasting a very short time

Capitulate: to give up resistance

Philanthropist: Literally, “lover of mankind.” someone who performs charitable actions.

Sot: drunkard

Hobgoblin: a mischievous goblin

Superstition: a belief or custom

Venerable: impressive

Churlish: mean, rude

Dilapidated: worn down

Affect: to pretend

Want: to lack, to be deficient in (“Reliance on property is a symptom of not being self-reliant”)

Esteem: value

Deprecate: denounce, condemn

Beck: signal, direction

Caliph Ali: An early leader of Islam