The New York Times had an article titled US military is sent to Jordan to help with crisis in Syria published October 9, 2012 by Michael Gordon and Elisabeth Bumiller. The United States has sent a secret task force to Jordan to help with Syrian refugees. The task force has more than 150 specialists to help Jordan prepare in case Syria loses control of its chemical weapons. Jordan has received an estimated 180,000 Syrian refugees who have crossed the border escaping the problems inside Syria. Jordan is an important American ally in the Middle East and Americans are helping them avoid the problems occurring at the border of Syria and Turkey. President Obama has decided not to it involved in the Syrian conflict. President Obama did provide communications equipment to the rebels opposing the government but nothing lethal. The problems in Syria have become overwhelming to the area and the United States is worried that violence could spread throughout the region so having an American force at the Jordanian border would help in case violence breaks out.


The American officials have said that the buffer zone between Syria and Jordan would be enforced by Jordanian forces on the Syrian side of the border and supported logistically by the United States. Jordan was one of the first Arab countries to call for the Syrian president Assad’s resignation. The United States is concerned with Syria’s stockpile of chemical and biological weapons. The American task force is helping the Jordanian military with food, water and bathroom facilities for the refugees from Syria. Jordan has 100,000 Syrians registered but American officials say the number is at least twice that. The American military is also sending medical kits and four buildings to be used as schools.