I agree with the quote by W.H. Auden, “Evil is unspectacular and shares our bed and eats at our table.” There are many ways to define evil. I believe that genocide, rape and murder would be characterized as a moral evil. There are also natural evils like typhoons, earthquakes and disease.

The word evil can be an adjective. For example, I would call somebody evil if they were immoral, deliberately causing someone harm, unpleasant or worshiped the devil. Evil can also be a noun. Evil can be something wicked, a situation that is harmful, or have the quality of being profoundly immoral. Using all of these classifications it is easy to see that evil exists everywhere.


I believe the idea of evil also depends on your point of view. There are many people who believe there are moral evils like living together before a couple is married, that not everybody shares.

The quote by Auden suggests that we are living with evil everyday. I believe you need to simply live your life and be the best person you can be to keep evil at bay. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, in his infinite wisdom, can guide me through the challenges of the human mind and heart. I must rely on common sense, logic and reason to try and stay away from situations that are inherently evil.

Even though I have strong core belief in God, I find it difficult to understand the rationale behind natural disasters and war. It is difficult to understand God’s purpose for us on this earth. I believe the best thing you can do to confront evil is to live a virtuous and peaceful life. I agree with the quote by Auden, but my core beliefs will allow me the wisdom to avoid evil when I can.