I think it is funny when my dog Emmy rolls around on the floor after I put down a dryer sheet.

  • I love the absurdity of her movements. Emmy lays down on her side leaning into the dryer sheet pushing her body against the dryer sheet from every bizarre angle.
  • The randomness of something like a dryer sheet making my dog ride with happiness is funny.


  • Lavender dryer sheets are particularly amusing because her whole body smells of lavender hours later. I still continue to smile long after the dryer sheet has been tossed in the trash.
  • I find her amusing when she is done rubbing her body on the dryer sheet she just walks away. It is as if the dryer sheet has outlived its usefulness and it simply time for it to go. She reminds me of a cat in her snottiness.
  • Usually dogs roll around in dead fish so I find it amusing that she thinks something that smells good like a dryer sheet is worth rolling around in as well.