I think my dog Emmy is hysterical because she reminds me so much of a cat, and very little of a dog.

My dog Emmy does not like to be pet, picked up, kissed, or be around other humans. Our family is determined to turn her into a dog and her deep rooted genetic makeup simply will not allow it to happen. I laugh so hard when I sit down next to her and start petting her on her back or around her ears and she chooses to get up and walk away. Emmy is so aloof, prim and distant that every time we get her to do a traditional “dog” behavior I laugh. Sometimes I‘ll be petting her and she won’t even notice and then she will jump up so prim and pristine as if she is just figured out that I’m treating her like a dog and walk away like it is below her. The only time she’s ever excited to see us is after we leave for a few hours. I also think this is funny because her behavior is so unusual. Her tail wags, her eyes are squinting and happy and she even smiles.


The funniest thing my dog does is her reaction to being picked up. Emmy only weighs 30 pounds so she is easy to hold in your arms. She is so mortified about the position you have placed her in by picking her up that she simply will not look at you, will not smile, makes no move at all until you place her down on the ground again. It is hysterical to watch how uncomfortable she is with the entire thing; as if it is so far beneath her lot in life that she simply cannot imagine how she got there. She is a cat.