1) Title. Working or Alternative Titles The Winter's Tale

2) Author William Shakespeare

3) Date of Publication 1623

4) Genre Romance

5) Writing Techniques The Winter's Tale is a combination of both verse and prose

6) The Setting and How It Contributes to the Drama or Atmosphere The setting starts out in Sicily in the king's court during a cold winter. This contributes to the atmosphere because the King is being as cold as the temperature is outside. The second half of the play is in Bohemia and it is very warm because now the King is warm as a person and the setting reflects that.

7) Central Conflict and How It Develops and Resolves. What is the climax? Related Minor Conflicts King Leontes believes his wife Hermione has cheated on him with his friend King Polixenes. The King sends her away and she is tried and put to death but she really is alive and has stayed hidden for 16 years she has her baby and when the King comes down and realizes he made a horrible mistake and is a better person she pretends to be a statue and comes back to life and they are reunited. The climax of the play is when she dies offstage. There are minor conflicts as well. Mamillius the king's son dies. King's son Perdita falls in love with a man she finds out later is the other kings son.


8) Major Characters King Leontes, his wife Hermione, King Polixenes, Camillo, Paulina

9) Minor Characters Florizel, Perdita,

10) Themes loyalty, honesty, jealousy, you can create your own hell if you are not careful to control your jealousy

11) Symbols and Motifs the weather is a huge symbol when it is stormy outside as is stormy and the people's relationship. During the spring Perdita find love it is a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning.

12) Plot Overview, Chronologically, Including the Setting and Movement from Place to Place (Be Brief! Three to five sentences!) The play begins in King Leontes court in Sicily during a cold winter. The second half of the play takes place during the spring in Bohemia. The end of the play is the beginning of summer back in Sicily.

13) What is Most Stunning about this Book The Winter's Tale is actually pretty funny. Some of the cut downs are hysterical even by today's standards. It is both crude and funny at the same time and when the story is broken down is both tragic and comedic at the same time.

14) A Quote of Less than Ten Words to Memorize “a sad tale’s best for winter.” Said by Mamillius to Hermione.