1. Title of your movie —     Batoru Rowaiaru or Battle Royale in English.

2. Time period of the drama —     The book takes place in the near future in Japan. It was released in 2000.

3. Where the drama takes place —     The drama takes place all over an island in Japan.

4. Summary of the plot — The plot of Battle Royale is a lot like The Hunger Games. A Japanese school takes a field trip with two classes and the children are gassed and fitted with electronic collars and placed on a remote island. The teacher explained that the class is been picked to be in The Battle Royale. If they do not dissipate they will be killed. The teacher named Kitano kills the student who is whispering to another student just to show that he is the boss. All the students are given a bag of food and some water and a weapon. The problem is some of the weapons are firearms and some of the weapons given out our paper fans. There is a really strange video that explains the rules of the game. They have to kill each other until there is only one lone survivor. Four children killed themselves and other children are sadistic and enjoyed playing the game. There are a handful of main characters including Noriko, Kawada, Kiriyama, Shuya and Noriko. The bad guys in the movie who are sadistic and kill the most amount of people are Kazuo and Mitsuko. Kawada is one of the good guys and he has actually done this once before but he came back because his girlfriend died and he wants to avenge her death. Many of the girls band together and hide. One of the bad kids tries to rape one of the girls and he is killed. Noriko, Kawada, Kiriyama, Shuya and Noriko come up with a plan to try to outsmart the teachers by faking their own gas. They use the microphones on the collars and pretend that they are dead. The evil teacher Kitano figures out that the kids are up to something but can't prove it so he ends the game and tells the troops that they can go because he wants to personally kill the child that believes he is last. The teacher wants to restore the honor of the game by killing the kids who doesn't believe are really dead. There is only three survivors left and they confront Kitano have building. The evil teacher shows them a painting of the class where everyone is dead in the painting only Noriko survives and is the winner of the game. The evil teacher tells them that his own daughter Shiori hates him and that he thought of Noriko as his daughter. He says he is unbearable to live with the guilt that he feels and asks Noriko to kill him because he has embarrassed himself and humiliated the school. The evil teacher Kitano is shot and killed and as he is falling to the ground he shoots what looks like a gun and you can see for the first time it is really a water gun. The movie ends with Shuya , Noriko and Kawada leaving the island on a boat. Kawada tells them that it was all worth it because he was glad that he found true friends, he says this just as he dies from his injuries suffered from the game. Shuya and Noriko are all alone on the boat and I hear an announcement that they are declared fugitive murderers. They get off the boat at a train station and start running. The movie ends here.


5. What is the message of this movie? Explain and support your idea with details from the movie. The message in the movie is about trust and friendship. There is also a message about reality stars. The movie pokes fun at the idea that you can become famous for murdering 39 15 year olds. The movie asked tough questions like who watches this stuff? Then you have to ask yourselves.we watch worse things now on TV? The movie is about the evolution of what television could turn into if we are not careful. It doesn't sound like an uplifting book about friendship that in the end that's what it really is. Shuya is isolated and alone when his father dies suddenly. His not from the area that the school is in and many of the children do not like him simply because they did not grow up with them since birth. Shuya is so lonely and can even find someone to eat lunch with during the school day. He thinks everything that happened was worth it because he found true friendship.

6. What can you infer about the values and behaviors of your World Culture from the film? Make a bulleted list of inferences with one movie detail to support each.

-Honor was talked about over and over again in the movie. In Japanese culture your honor is a very big deal. The teacher would rather die than embarrass himself and the school.

-It is dishonorable to take advantage of a woman just because they're smaller and weaker in Japan. Even the evil kids didn't rape the tiny vocals that were in the Battle Royale and when mean boy did try to rape one of the girls he was instantly shot by one of the evil kids. In Japan it is very dishonorable to take advantage of the week and even criminals don't do so.

-People in Japan are not open and friendly with strangers. In the movie Shuya is shunned because he is new to the school and everybody else at the school has known each other from the beginning so no one talk to him even to nice people chose not to sit with him or speak with him.

-Japanese people do not like to be embarrassed. The evil teacher was so worried about being embarrassed that his daughter didn't like him that he was willing to be part of this horrible massacre.

-Japanese children do if they are told to do not cause problems. Even the sadistic evil children in the movie did but they were told. The point of the game is to kill everyone and stay alive and they did exactly what they were told, they just liked it a little too much.

-Is culturally acceptable for Japanese young women to be meek. The Japanese women in the movie except for our hero Noriko instantly hide and are killed first in the game.

-Duty, or accepting their fate, is also a cultural tradition in Japan. The guards and the teacher felt it was their duty to keep the game going because of some role the government had made.

7. Did you notice references in your movie to myth or history or current politics? Explain, and support with examples. There are many references in the movie to politics. The Battle Royale started when children walked out of school and an act of defiance. Almost 100,000 children left school in Japan so the government passed a law to punish them with this Battle Royale. It's political move to make the government seem like they can do anything to control your life in Japan so you better not fight them. The entire movie is about the dumbing down of our intellect with reality TV shows as well. People are getting stupider and stupider watching TV and not participating and actively going against murdering children is proof that people are getting dumber and dumber. The movie talks a lot about following rules blindly and not thinking for yourselves. The movie tries to betray that the government should do all the thinking for you or else he will be punished.

8. Would you recommend this movie to others? Why or why not? I would definitely recommend this movie to others. Is incredibly bloody and violent but I believe it has a positive message. The hunger games is very similar movie so similar in fact that I believe the hunger games ripped off the entire idea from Battle Royale. Other than the bloody violence the two movies are fairly similar. Battle Royale has many characters that I liked and even the violence has a stylized beauty to it. I highly recommend the movie.