My Xbox sits very close to a clear, crisp looking glass.
Sometimes I look outside at a landscape like a smile.
Then I hear myself consider a walk to smell the leaves.
I think to myself “one more level” on the game.
All of my attention is turned to the window
so the other team is advancing like a tornado.
My favorite character is a goner and I don’t even know it yet.
Once I die in my game I look outside again
and I swear the tree is laughing at me.
Okay nature I give up I will come out and play!
My dog Emmie is lighting up with excitement,
it never occurs to her that I won’t bring her too.


Emmie and I go for a quick run around the neighborhood.
Once we get close to a big brown wood fence
I realize all of her fur is standing straight on end like a mohawk.
Emmie gets really low to the ground then darts for the fence.
At the same time you can hear a furry monster bark back at her.
I guess Emmie has enemies in her game too.
I‘m just glad we went outside so she could fight them
even if it’s from the other side of the fence.
We run around the block again so Emmie can say
“just one more level and I'll get that dog yet!”.