In a zombie movie called Warm Bodies Shakespeare's love story of Romeo and Juliet is written with apocalypse survivors and zombies as the leads. Shakespeare's timeless love story transcends pop culture and enters the zombie craze. In the lead as our Romeo a teenage boy who has lost his memory and only goes by the name R walks around endlessly through an airport with no hope of finding friendship or love that is real, because he is a zombie.

Our heroine Juliet is named appropriately Julie in the movie and she is a teenager who is fighting to stay alive through the pandemic zombie invasion. Julie finds a hive of zombies and is captured by R who is attempting to save her with the last bit of his humanity. R thinks about eating her brains but decides she is too pretty to ingest.


Julie has a father, just like Juliet's father, who controls her life behind the scenes. Julie’s father has been fighting zombies a long time and to him they're all evil. R tries to prove to him that not all zombies are bad and some can be turned back to being human but he simply will not listen. Just like the Capulet’ and Montague's the zombies and humans fight for no apparent reason.

R bravely gives up his life to save his beautiful Julie, and by doing so he proves to the troops that not all zombies are necessarily evil, some still have their humanity intact. Julie is devastated by the loss but vows to treat all the other zombies as humans until they actually turn into humans based on her love.

A nice departure from the depressing Shakespeare play R actually comes back to life and becomes a full human again. If only the real Romeo and Juliet had such a happy ending.