I learned a great deal about Antisocial Personality Disorder from this project. This project could have been significantly improved if I'd had a partner to help me. Because my partner did absolutely nothing I ended up doing everything for this project by myself. The good news is I learned a great deal about this disorder and I feel very confident about my presentation. Antisocial personality disorder has symptoms including ignoring social norms, repeatedly engaging in acts of vandalism, engaging in violence, and many other criminal behaviors. Other symptoms include lying often, impulsive behavior, aggressive behavior, mood swings, and the general disregard for their own or other people's safety. The most important aspects of antisocial personality disorder that teens should be aware of include early warning signs and consequences from not receiving treatment when you are young. What alarmed me the most about this disorder is how common it is in boys. Some studies suggest that up to 20% of prison populations have antisocial personality disorder. If I were to do this project over again I think it would be interesting to look at both sides of this disorder. If I had to make a guess I would think that girls, as a group, probably have a greater percentage of people with antisocial personality disorder today then 20 years ago. You hear all the time about girl gangs, girls fighting and women going to prison in greater numbers. I think it would be interesting to do two presentations one on young men and one on young women to see how the growth of antisocial personality disorder has happened over the years.


When I read about the symptoms of this disorder it reminded me of children I knew before I moved to Bainbridge Island. I think that there are also children right here in high school that have this disorder and I hope they get the help that they need. The good news about antisocial personality disorder is that it seems to get better over time. By the time people get into the late 40s the disorder is almost gone. There is also a great deal of benefit from taking anti-aggression medicine and anti anxiety medicine earlier in life. These drugs seem to help people control their impulsive aggressive behaviors. The school counselor is a good place for children to get help if they are uncomfortable talking to their parents about problems that they have. Only a psychiatrist can prescribe medication to help curb aggressive behavior. Getting in a group therapy situation has also been shown to be beneficial for teenagers especially. I understand teens are irresponsible and general but they usually feel bad for being so irresponsible. I think the big difference between normal teen behavior and antisocial personality disorder is the lack of remorse people feel for their actions when they hurt people. I believe people do not get help for their antisocial personality disorder they will end up on drugs or even in jail.