February 4

I'm not sure if it's because we're reading a book about cooking but all night long I dreamt about food. My family and I got all dressed up for some reason and we went to Applebee's, I have no idea why we would be all dressed up in that Applebee's but it's a dream what can I say. We all were laughing and having a good time and the waitress stopped to drop off water and asked if it we wanted more time to look at the menus and my dad said no we don't need any more time 4 lava cakes please. And I said that's enough food for me would you guys can eat. And like 2 seconds later we had the world's greatest dessert to us. I ate mine in like four bytes and I looked up at dad and he laughed and he let me order 2 more just for me. Then out of nowhere I saw something black on the wall that looks kind of scary and the wall seemed to move like in Sherlock Holmes when he becomes part of the piece of furniture and you didn't realize he was painted like the chair and he was sitting there the whole time. That's what it was like but it was a man on the wall and he was the ninja. He was painted like the painting above him which was a painting of a pirate. So I guess you could say it was a pirate ninja. And I got scared and I looked over again and it turned out to be a really ugly person with a black do rag on his hair and it was not the ninja at all. That's the only dream I remember from last night.

February 5

All the girls are going crazy about the stupid Tolo dance at school and I dreamt that a really weird girl named Shelly asked me to the dance and I was stuck going because I was too embarrassed to say anything. At least that was a really quick dream I had another dream where I was driving a car really slowly in traffic. I was all excited because my parents let me take the car even though I was only 15 and I decided to go with this newfound freedom to Walmart to get chicken. Then my car kind of turned into that old Wii game Mario kart and I had all these power ups if I hit things once a topic started moving I could weave in and out of traffic and get power ups and I went faster and faster. And for whatever reason I had a big box of bananas and squids in my car and I threw bananas at other cars so they would look around in circles and then squids to blind them. That was a really fun dream of shows older so I could really drive. It would be great if the boring ride to Walmart had power ups in real life.


February 6

I don't think I dreamed it all last night I was dead tired from working out, sorry.

February 7

I dreamt about food again. That book like water for chocolate must really be inside my head. I had a frozen pizza for dinner and I was still hungry but I don't want to get big as a house so I didn't have anything after that and I went to bed. I dreamt that I went out for dinner with my friend Joe and weird things Happening in the restaurant all around us the guy next to us had his visa card declined and the lady across from us Pulling underbrush and brushing her hair and the guy on the other side of their restaurant was yelling at his wife's and it was a baby crying someplace the whole time. Is really uncomfortable and strange on that sure what was going on. After dinner we went and looked for a place to get ice cream but everything was closed so we ended up at Safeway and we bought a box of ice cream bars and sat in his bed truck and we ate them. The whole box is gone and we laughed because we're being such pigs. Later on that night I had another dream about the cake. I really want to go to Applebee's now get lava cake. I do remember the lava cake dream I just remember waking up and taking Yum I want a lava cake. It's weird how dreams work that way some are so clear and others you just remember little snippets and parts.