Chapter mystery can results be too good? Do you think Gregor Mendel got results he didn't expect?

In experimentation you can expect a certain amount of deviation on how much the actual results will vary from the expected results. Mendel reached some amazing conclusions, and the results seem a little too good to be considered scientifically true. Many scholars have discovered that his experiments were carried out in just the way and much in the order that they are recounted. So scholars feel that understanding must have come first and observation second. Observations were intended only to test whether the understanding was correct. Scholars reached this conclusion based upon two things; Mendel left out information that seem to be essential in order to understand why he did things a certain way and Mendel failed to present or analyze a great deal of data that he claimed to have which he would have done if he was searching for an understanding of the data.


Mendel had already worked out his ideas and his experiments were done only to confirm them. In the 1800s Baconian experimentation meant you do the experiments and observe first and later you work out the results. Many scientists believed he supported his evidence of his data and most if not all of his experiments had been falsified as to agree closely with Mendel's expectations of what should happen.