Where do beavers live
beavers live in freshwater lakes and ponds and rivers
they can be found in most of the US and Canada
they can live in warm or core areas that they need trees and fresh water to survive

  • The beavers mating habits are very fascinating. Beavers only have one sexual partner, unless their partner dies
  • Both parents help raise the offspring. Unlike humans, beavers only require years of parental care.
  • A beaver is most likely to reproduce between two and a half and seven years of age, and the typical mating season for a beaver lasts from January to February. Beavers produce one litter a year, each consisting of one to four beavers.
  • Because the mating season for the beavers is so brief, the male has to stay close to his mate at all times. The female has an interesting way of letting the males know they’re ready to breed.
  • The beaver pregnancy lasts a little less than four months. Beavers mature very fast. The parents only take care of their young for the first two years, and then they’re off to find partners and start a family.

Clawed webbed feet help them Dig
huge incisors large front teeth helped him gnaw
large flat tail works as a water and can be slapped on the water to warn of predators


  • Beavers are well known for building dams on rivers and streams. No other animals, except for humans, create their entire environmental landscape on their own.
  • Beavers build canals to float building materials that are difficult for them to haul overland.
  • Beaver dams also protect them against predators and provide access to food during the winter.
  • Beavers cover their lodges each autumn with fresh mud that freezes when frost arrives and becomes as hard as stone.
  • The beaver lodges have underwater entrances that are nearly impossible for other animals to get inside.

A beaver dam holding back a pond near Duvall Washington broke apart in November of 2012 causing a rush of water and debris that damaged a home and flooded a street.

Beaver Populations are making a comeback.

*Efforts to stop hunting of Beavers are working.

  • Beavers are vegetarians. They eat trees and aquatic plants.
  • They eat the same food twice!!
  • The 1st time a soft pellet is produced.
  • The 2nd digestion they eat the pellet.
  • Beavers have a special gland to pre-digest food.
  • Gross but kool!!!

Beavers are North America's largest rodents
beavers have transparent eyelids to help them see underwater
beavers have been known to live in ditches quite happily
there tail acts like a rudder and water