Across the street from my house there is a gigantic oak tree.
We live on Grow Avenue and the tree listened and grew and grew.
This particular oak tree is the ugliest I have ever seen.
The branches crisscross in every direction and make no sense.
When the leaves grow in they are patchy and ugly as well.
Entire sections of the tree turn yellow and red by June.
The tree looks like it has a demonic yellow eye of leaves by July.
In September the brown leaves start in an ugly smile,
and by October the leaves fall everywhere.
November comes in the tree is naked and empty of leaves again.
When the cold weather starts in January the leaves have been blown
into our white picket fence and into our yard.


My parents expect me to clean up the huge pile of leaves left over.
A few days ago a bunch of men came in an orange truck
and cut down the ugliest tree I've ever seen.
I live on the second floor across the street
so I have a perfect view of them cutting it down.
Even without its leaves the tree blocks the sun to my window.
It occurs to me all at once that without the tree
the sun will bake me every single day all summer long.
I instantly miss the ugly tree in front of my house.
All that is left of the tree now is a big stump.
It is so sad I loved that tree.