Facts, Figures and Dates on the test)
1939 France and Great Britain declare war on Germany September 3
9/1/1939 Hitler attacks his own radio station attendant it was: in order to send troops to Poland
12/7/1941   pearl harbor
5/8/1945   victory in europe
8/6/1945   hiroshima Japan atomic bomb dropped
8/9/1945   nagasaki atomic bomb drop
8/14/1945   end of ww2
6/6/1944   d-day Normandy landings
1945 feb 4 yalta conference
6/22/1941   poland falls to germany


Politics and Society at the end of WWI

There are four major political doctrines we’ve studied: fascism, democratic-capitalism, socialism? And communism. Place these four on a “political spectrum”.

Communism   socialism   democratic-capitalism   fascism

In the US, what are the two major political parties? Democrat liberal and Republican conservative

When did WWI end? Nov 11 1918

Who was the president at the end of WWI? Woodrow Wilson

The famous blueprint for peace written by Wilson was called what? 14 points

Why might this provision seem two-faced? self-determination it assumes that these countries want to be controlled at all by an outside country

The particular point of Wilson’s 14 points that talks about self-determination is which point? 5

The Peace conference at the end of WWI took place in what year? Paris Peace Conference 1919

What was the famous clause called that blamed Germany for starting and propagating WWI? Guilt Clause

Japan and the U.S. in WWII (PPTs: WWII Updated, Course of War in the Pacific)
Causes and outcomes of Japanese expansion in China and SE Asia. Japan expanded into China because they needed the raw materials Japan invaded Manchuria

Characters and characteristics of Japanese military and politics 1930-1945.
1931 Japan invades Manchuria and put in their own leader named Pu yi.
in 1937 they invade northern China
in 1937 Chinese leaderChiang Kai-sheck refused to surrender to Japan and the Chinese were bombed by Japan the Chinese resisted the Japanese for the entire course of the second Sino Japanese war
attacked Pearl Harbor
seized Guam attack US territory in the Philippines
seized Hong Kong
took over tons of small islands

Causes of confrontation with the US and Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor w/service members killed.?
US told Japan it would apply economic sanctions unless Japan with Drew from French Indochina in the summer of 1940 the US wanted Japan to return to its borders of 1931. Japan needed the oil and scrap iron from the US
Isoro Yamamoto planned attack on Pearl Harbor US trained Navy commander went to Harvard
more than 2400 Americans were killed 1000 Americans were wounded 18 US ships were destroyed nearly the whole fleet

Domestic reaction to Pearl Harbor and Executive Order 9066. Internment camps for Japanese Americans

Italy (PPT WWII Updated)
Characteristics of fascism and Mussolini’s Italy. Extreme nationalism, fascist propaganda slogans like Mussolini is always right, outlawing all other political parties in Italy the government controls the people and stifles any opposition.

The value of war according to Mussolini. It decides your value as a man

Italy after WWI

Benito Mussolini was one of the first fascist leaders in Europe and was helped to power because of economic problems in Italy. Name two. The middle-class fear of socialism and communism. This order in Italy made fascist increasingly attractive to many people. Mussolini knew that many Italians were angry over the peace settlement they wanted more land.
What was Mussolini's nickname? Iron Prefect & il duce
When was Mussolini named Prime Minister? 1922
What was Hitler's nickname? Herr wolf
What are examples of three examples of control practiced under Mussolini's rule? They spread propaganda, they had control over all forms of mass media like newspapers and radio. They had youth groups

The place currently known as Russia (PPTs: Russian Revolution, Course of War in Europe)

Russia in and after WWI and Marx
government controlled indu
between 1920 and 1922 5 million people died agricultural disaster
March 1921 new economic policy Lenin abandon war communism but some capitalist things remain
1922 Lenin and the Communist create new state called Union of Soviet Socialist republics

When did Nicholas II become Czar of Russia? 1894

What is it called when economies change from being based on agriculture to being based on factories and manufacturing? Industrialization

What is the movement of people from countryside to cities called? urbanization

In one word describe the conditions in industrializing cities. terrible

What was the name of the Russian Communist Party headed by Lenin before they overthrew the Provisional Russian Government? 1922 Lenin and the Communist formerly created that Union of Soviet Socialist republics USSR or the Soviet Union

Russia's first parliament which formed after the Blood Sunday Massacre of 1905 was called what? black partition duma

In March of 1917, due to WWI, shortages of two major needs caused major protests in St. Petersberg. Bread

Did the provisional government promise to end or continue the war? Decided to carry on with the war to preserve Russia's honor but it was a major blunder

What was Lenin's three-word slogan that the Bolsheviks used to gain support for their cause against the Provisional Government?

Peace land bread

What political doctrine violently came to power in Russia? The Bolsheviks faction of the Marxist party called the Russian social Democrats.

When that political doctrine came to power, what did the name of the Russian state become?


When was the armistice signed between Russia and Germany and what was it called? Treaty of Brest-Litovsk March 3, 1918

What was the name of the Bolshevik army and who was its leader? The red Army is the Communist Army Lenin is the leader

What types of industries were brought under state control in Lenin's New Economic Programs (3)? NEP controlled heavy industry, banking and mines

Under the NEP's businesses with fewer than how many employees could be privately owned? Tess than 20 workers could be privately owned

What powers did Stalin have that allowed him to gain control over the Communist Party when he became general secretary? He hired as the bureaucratic job as party general security everybody so he put in his friends who later backed them up on everything he said

Heavy machinery and oil output increased by how many times under Stalin's economic policies? The plan quadrupled the production of heavy machinery" oil production

Steel production rose from how many million tons per year to how many million tons per year under Stalin’s initial programs? Steel production in Russia increased from 4,000,000 to 18,000,000 tons

What types of people were targeted in the Stalin's purges? What were the purges? Purges mean removal of old Bolsheviks. Stalin purged Army officers diplomats union officials intellectual's and ordinary citizens

What does Marx believe to be the history of society? A history of class struggles between oppressor and oppressed

Marx believed that each person should work according to their means and take according to their needs.

How do democratic capitalist nations use socialist economic principles? They share the idea that some businesses is personally owned in some business is owned by the state

Using the strict definitions of communism and socialism, analyze the differences between the two. In communism the people serve the state and in socialism the states serves the people

Germany (PPT WWII Updated, Interwar Years)

Germany after WWI

Germany went through three major economic stages in the interwar years. The first from 1919 until the year the Dawes Plan, named after an American banker, was implemented. What was that year? 1924

The second stage lasted from the year that the Dawes Plan was implemented until the year that the Great Depression struck the global economic system and

Germany was flung into its third period. What year did the Great Depression strike? 1929

The third period lasted until Germany began to rebound economically and culturally before WWII.

What was the name of the German Republic after WWI that ultimately failed when Hitler came to power? Weimar Republic

In Germany, the political doctrine that was practiced by the Nazi’s was called what? National Socialist workers party NSDAP German Labour Party?? NSDAP ?? National Socialist ??

The leader of the Nazi Party is named? Fuhrer

After the Nazi’s failed to gain power in the German Province of Bavaria their ruler ended up in prison and wrote a book by what title? Mein Kampf

What is the English translation of that name? My Struggle

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s problems and advocated for lebensraum. What does lebensraum mean? Write a superior nations living space through expansion the right superior individuals to gain authority and leadership over the masses

Continued economic problems and high unemployment led to political and social instability. In response many of the elite members of German society were drawn to Hitler’s message. Some of those elite social members included whom?

What year did Hitler become chancellor? 1932

Hitler expanded totalitarian control by doing what? (5 or so things in the book) employed economic policies, mass spectacles, organizations to further not see goals, used terror

What are some symbols of the Nazi party and Germany under Nazi control? Swastika iron cross Nazi Eagle

Nuremberg Laws deprive Jews of German citizenship, no marriage or sex between Jews and non-Jews

Kristallnacht 1938 Germans destroyed Jewish businesses

The Invasions: Belligerence leading to WWII (PPT WWII Updated)
DDay: June 6, 1944
location Normandy coast of France
Allied forces involved in offensive, United States, British, Canadian
Axis force involved in offensive, Germans
things the Allied forces did to make the Axis forces think they were going to attack in another location. Calais is the city the Germans thought they were going to because it is so much closer to England. Allied forces sent out false radio reports and radar signals put fake tanks and trucks were German planes would easily see them the allies also increased bombing raids near Calais to make a Germans think that they're going to go there

PPT: WWII updated, WWII begins in Europe Worksheet.
Japanese expansion and belligerence is captured Manchuria in the engine and thought the Chinese they needed raw materials, made alliances with Hitler

italian expansion and belligerence Italy saw nothing happened to Japan when they moved into another country so Italy invaded Ethiopia just raise self-confidence, they made alliances with Hitler Rome Berlin access

German expansion (pre-WWII) built up their army, occupied Rhineland in 1936, Hitler took over Austria, made plans to take over Czechoslovakia, takes over Sudentland.
and belligerence during WWII (Poland, France, Britain, Soviet Union) Poland invasion 1939

Impact of WWII on the Eastern Front: (PPT)

Total Dead: 60-80 million
Soviet and associated fighting forces 10,600,000
, German and associated Axis forces

Captured/Died in captivity

Estimates of Roma and Jews killed in the Holocaust 5-6 million

Estimates of all military and civilian casualties during WWII 60-80 million

What the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences exposed between which Allied powers – Russia talking to US and Britin

Yalta Feb 4 1945 Russia will fight against Japan within 90 days after the defeat of Germany

Potsdam- 26 of July broadcaster Japan threaten total distraction unless to Japanese government surrendered (they were going to drop Atomic bomb)

Major Pacific and European Battles

Battle of the Bulge December through January 1945 US fights Germany 75,000 Americans I Americans when because Germany's running low on supplies

Matching Definitions


Fascism greatness of the past, strength of state ,nation and race above the individual central government headed by a dictator, opposition put down a

Democratic-Capitalism market based economy based on the rule of the many government by the people either directly or through elected representatives

Inflation a rapid increase in prices

Island hopping Japan controlled every island from the West Japan so he had a go Island Island to defeat Japan on each island

Armistice peace treaty

Sanctions restrictions intended to enforce international law

Blitzkrieg lightning war Hitler stunned Europe with the speed of the German attack on Poland

Isolationism apart from political affairs of other countries

lebensraum living space Germany should be able to take over other countries because they need their natural resources and the need to spread out

Appeasement Europeans countries gave into the reasonable demands of dissatisfied countries and they believe that would make them content and would stabilize the peace in Europe

Totalitarian government aims to control the political economic social intellectual and cultural lives of its citizens system of government with a dictator complete obedience to state

autocracy system of government with one person in absolute power

authoritarian favoring the government at the expense of personal freedoms

bourgeois the middle-class or the oppressors

proletariat the working class or the oppressed

militia or paramilitary unofficial military

propaganda using radio and the movies to get out your message in a simple way over and over again influencing the masses by making films documentaries with the not see message

Reichstag the German Parliament

Communism state controls all aspects of life, emphasis on economic equality ,victory for proletariat because classes equal

socialism a system where the government owns and controls the means of production

self-determination people inside of the country can decide what other country would control them

Politburo policymaking committee of Communist Party

Scorched earth destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while going through an area in wartime

Kamikaze young Japanese were encouraged to volunteer to serve as pilots in suicide missions