How did Adolf Hitler account for cultural greatness? Cultural decline? Hitler believed in racial mythology where German people came from ancient Aryans and were superior by blood. The cultural decline came when people mix their blood with culturally inferior cultures.

What comparisons did Hitler draw between Aryans and Jews? The Jewish people he believed have no true culture and they were inherently wicked. Aryans were masters of the continent in science technology and invention and the whole race depends upon them.

What kind of evidence did Hitler offer for his anti-Semitic arguments? Hitler believed that the Jewish people made no contribution to architecture or music they are not creative he said that Jews were behind all the attacks on Germany and they incited hatred against Germans that Germans wanted to conquer the world basically he said all evil was in one enemy the Jews.


Theodore Monson and 19th-century German historian said that anti-Semites do not listen to logical and ethical arguments they listen only to their own envy and hatred to the meanest instincts discuss the statement. He is saying that you can talk to people all day but after not listening than the whole thing is pointless. If people are inclined to be reasonable and are just going to hate for hate's sake then you really can't change their mind no matter what you say. That people who are racists are envious and mean and if they won't listen to logic then don't bother to talk to them.

What insights did Hitler have into mass psychology and propaganda? He believes that you needed to tell a simple message repeatedly over and over again. You have to only talk about the essentials and repeated thoughtfully. Propaganda is meant for the masses and only by repetition will it stick in the memory. You become a member of a community with inner strength once you conform and follow everybody else.

What foreign-policy goals did Hitler have for Germany? How did he expect them to be achieved?

He believes that the German people I have a cramped living space and a need to open up new territories. He wanted to demand the boundaries of 1914. He leaves a German people are entitled to this land and they need to gain territory and Europe.