Date Assigned: 11/04/2013Date Due: 11/13/2013
"I did a bad job on the quiz!" Offset Task

You may retake the quiz in class on Tuesday 11/12/13 (1,3) or Wednesday 11/13/13 (2,4,6) Open note. Use textbook pages 343-356 and if you have to find a date that is not in the textbook, use the interweb.

You should know about these 10 events.
1) The Calling of the Estates General
2) The Tennis Court Oath
3) The Storming of the Bastille
4) The Declaration of the Rights of Man
5) The Women’s March on Versailles
6) The Declaration of the Rights of Woman
7) The Constitution of 1791
8) The King flees Paris
9) The Execution of the King
10) The Terror


Know means:
1. When (day/month/year)?
2. Where (location, city, country)?
3. Who are the main people involved?
4. Why did it occur?
5. What occurred?