Social Darwinism-applying principles of evolution to sociology and politics England and US in the 1870s

Sati Indian woman sets herself on fire at her husband's funeral


Black Hole of Calcutta is an underground prison where the British were imprisoned and because it was so hot 23 people out of 146 survived



Assimilation teach Indians English, create class of people Indian in blood and color but English in taste and opinions with moral and intellect of English.

Monotheistic-belief in one deity or God

Sepoy Indian soldiers that protected the British East India Company interest in India

Indirect Rule-controlled by a foreign power where local rulers are allowed to keep their authority and position

Imperialism-extending power of one nation or by indirect control over political and economic life and other areas


Colonialism-control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country or people

Polytheistic-belief in many deities and gods

Direct Rule- local rulers were placed by foreign officials

Hegemony-leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others as an Confederation

Mogul-Muslim lead empire that ruled India before the British

Karma-good and bad fortune based on your behavior

Reincarnation-rebirth in human or other animal form

Dogma religious beliefs or set of beliefs that of religion holds true

Cecil Rhodes and imperialism. Cecil Rhodes imperialist. Belief in the superiority of European, the inherent weakness of native people, exploit nature for European market, military and economic control.

Mogul Akbar “The Great”. It is true he is religiously tolerant

Robert Clive was the chief representative of the India of the East India Company he stopped the French from getting forts in india and he got the British to be in control of Bangladesh British force to victory over him Mogul army 10 times its size

The role of the Industrial Revolution in imperialism.

Resources from SE Asia that spurred colonialism tea, lumber, rubber, palm oil

Your caste is a reflection of...? The evolution of your spirit

Hinduism’s four desires. Pleasure, success, Duty , Moksha

Four categorical limitations of material success. Power and fame are exclusive and competitive and cannot be gained without diminishing someone else's portion, the drive for success is never ending can never get enough of what you want, worldly success is too small to keep you interested for long, you can't take rewards with you


Jared Diamond – Guns, Germs and Steel
Reasons stated by Diamond for the West attaining guns, germs and steel? The West ultimately attained due to geographical advantage. Which are not reasons by diamond further West white people are simply better

According to Jared Diamond, benefit of domesticable animals. You can ride large animals like horses cows and sheep

The first Indians who attempted to reform governing of India. the first Indian nationalists were upper-class and English educated lawyers and civil service that wanted reform not revolution. Like Gandhi

Major causes and effects of the Sepoy Mutiny. This point mutiny started rifle cartridges greased with cow and pig oil Sepoys refused to load their guns the British charge them with mutiny put them in jail the other troops killed 50 European men women and children out, the mutiny British took over India

Positive impacts of British rule. Order and stability, efficient government, under the school system, Postal Service, trains

Negative impacts of British rule. Huge economic cost, the legal taxes collected, many Indians died of starvation because they had to grow cotton instead of food

goal for the EIC

Where Mogul comes from

1. Discuss social Darwinism’s relationship to racism and how the British in India reflected this relationship using in-class activities such as the Anglicist-Orientalist debate and homework.

2. Resistance to Colonial Rule. Describe what type of people were initially involved in what type of protest and what types of things those initial protesters wanted and how that protest changed in terms of what type of people were involved, what type of protest they participated in and what types of things those “new” protesters wanted.

The first Indian nationalists were upper-class and English educated lawyers and civil service that wanted reform and not revolution like Gandhi it became violent when everybody else was involved

3.Discuss the main arguments in the Anglicist-Orientalist debate by including a discussion of the big picture (overview of the debate) and acculturation versus assimilation as well as three of the following:

Anglicist-Orientalist debate
Anglicist- said that the English rule
Orientalist wanted to learn their culture

assimilation-teach Indians English, create class of people Indian in blood and color but English in taste and opinions with moral and intellect of English.

Acculturation mixing two cultures into one

Language of Instruction,

Female Infanticide, killing girl babies because girls cost them money to marry other people

Rights of Widows, none


Caste system Brahmin, Ksatriyaswarrior, common vaisyas, peasants sudras, Untouchables palits BKVSP Burger King visits stupid people

Questions from last test
1which of the following is true of Akbar the great
he is religiously tolerant

2Which is not a natural resource from Asia
inexpensive labor

3In order most lasting desire
Mosksha, duty, success, pleasure

4Which of the following are not categorical limitations of material success
small goals, seeking of desires

5Other similar question
seeking success, seeking pleasures

6According to Jared diamond the West was ultimately attained due to
geographical advantage

7Which are not reasons stated by diamond for the West getting guns germs and steel
white people are simply better

8Which are not reasons stated by Jared diamond struggle for natural resources
all are correct

9First Indians who attempted to reform India
urban English educated lawyers

10 In what city did British dominate

11Which was not a major affect of the Sepoy mutiny
the EIC became bankrupt

12According to the textbook which was not a benefit of British rule
lack of distribution of wealth by the EIC