1. Abolish secret diplomacy with no underhanded private dealings of any kind in open public view.

  2. Freedom of the seas in both peace and war except to enforce international covenants.

  3. Remove international trade barriers when possible and start equal trading conditions among peaceful nations.

  4. Reduce arms to lowest possible point for public safety

  5. adjust colonial claims while taking into account the interest of the native people as well as those of rival colonial powers.

  6. Make German troops leave Russian territory and let them decide what type of government they want without outside interference.

  7. Make German troops leave Belgium.


  9. Make Germany leave French territory and give back Alsace Lorraine to France.

  10. Readjust the frontiers of Italy along clear recognizable lines of nationality

  11. Make it opportunity for the development but of the people of Austria-Hungary for autonomous development.

  12. Romania, Serbia and Montenegro should be evacuated, occupied territory restored, give Serbia access to the ocean and give the Balkan states political and economic independence.

  13. Internationalization of the Dardanelles and self-determination for non-Turkish peoples under Turkish control

  14. an independent Poland with access to the sea

  15. Establish a United Nations to guarantee political independence and territorial integrity to large and small nations alike.